Chrysler Voyager vs Pacifica – Comprehensive Guide

Chrysler Voyager vs Pacifica

Chrysler revived the Voyager in addition to the Pacifica for the 2020 production year. It got reintroduced to the marketplace after a break of almost 17 years, and these two minivans are identical in appearance. They have similar dimensions, which contributes to their similar appearance. They also share similar fuel efficiency, storage space, and potent engines. If you wanted to learn more about these two cars and the elements that make them different. Which of these elegant Chrysler minivans is the most suitable for your family? This guide will discuss the Chrysler Voyager vs Pacifica to see what distinguishes both vehicles.

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One of the most well-known American manufacturers is Chrysler. Contrary to other manufacturers, Chrysler offers not a single but two minivans. Chrysler transformed the market it helped create in the 1980s when it revived the Pacifica trademark in 2017 and fitted it to a sleek minivan.

In its highest trims, this modern Pacifica had a ton of elegance, including a hybrid model with 32 miles of electric-only capability. In 2020, Chrysler brought back another long-forgotten brand, the Voyager. And they attached it to the two baseline Pacifica trim options, introducing a better, cost-effective vehicle.

It goes without saying that the Voyager has few advantages because it is just a less expensive variant of the Pacifica. Fair enough, the Voyager also qualifies as a minivan and resembles the Pacifica in terms of its dimensions, form, and appearance. Because of how identical the two minivans resemble, many folks could mistake one for the other. Even though both minivans share many commonalities, they diverge in a few significant areas. Let’s look at the comparison of Chrysler Voyager vs Pacifica.

Chrysler Voyager vs Pacifica – All You Need To Know


The Pacifica and Voyager seem almost identical on the exterior. In reality, the Voyager is a rebranded version of the two lowest Pacifica trimming variants from a year earlier. There are, though, significant variations between the Pacifica and the Voyager L. The basic Pacifica Touring includes 17-inch aluminum wheels and a chromium grille border.

In contrast, the Voyager L features a regular black bumper and steel rims with hubcaps. In addition, the Voyager gets a large lower bumper than Pacifica’s trademark chrome-trimmed lower bumper in matte black.

They have precisely the exact dimensions since they are essentially the same car. The Pacifica Electric is much bulkier than the Voyager because of its battery storage and Electric powertrain. And it is the only notable change.


Most of the contents of the Voyager and Pacifica, particularly their consoles, are similar to those of their exteriors. Returning to the sitting area, you’ll notice a few differences. The Pacifica seems to have more accommodative captain seats. In contrast, the Voyager seems to have second-row single seats as default. The Pacifica is a superior choice with an additional 15 inches of waist space and 1.8 inches of shoulder space in the 3rd line.

The Voyager and Pacifica have just minor external differences. Yet, despite this, they share a surprising amount of standard internal amenities. A six-speaker Fm radio station stereo system gets included with both vehicles as default. Additionally, they feature a 7-inch display, Bluetooth, a rearward cam, and automated rear braking. They additionally offer Car Play and Android Auto.

Tri-zone automated temperature control is a standard feature of the Pacifica that sets it apart from the Voyager. In addition, it has remote starting and auto-dimming back mirrors. Also have inside LED frontal and backlighting, inside LED door holding lighting system, and inside LED door handles.

Features like foldable second-row sunshades and navigation controls are available. And an all-purpose automatic door opening is an additional feature added to the Pacifica. Additionally, it includes second-row Stow’n Go seating and an eight-way powered operator’s seating with a four-way adjustable backrest.

The Voyager won’t satisfy buyers looking for an almost luxurious minivan. They have to go into the Standard trim of the Pacifica, which is an improvement. It has a 13.2-speaker sound system, an 8.4-inch computer, a Nappa suede interior, and a premium driving wheel, among other features.


They are essentially similar underneath each vehicle’s bonnet. They include a front-wheel steering system with a 3.6-liter V-6 powertrain with 287 hp and 262 lb-ft of torque. And it is also linked to a nine-speed automated mechanism. Thanks to this engine, they can pull up to 3,600 lbs and go from 60 miles per hour in 7.6 secs.

Including its 3.6-liter V-6 powertrain and two electronic motors that work together to produce 260 hp, the 2020 Pacifica Hybrid stands out. The Pacifica Combo accelerates to 60 miles per hour in 7.4 secs less time than a conventional hybrid because of the powered motors’ increased low-end torque. Additionally, this vehicle has an 82 mpg-e grade and can go up to 32 miles on energy exclusively. It has an overall hybridized performance of 30 mpg.

Safety Rating

Regarding safety on the streets, drivers have peace of mind in both Chrysler minivans. Both the Pacifica Operators across Chrysler station wagons can drive confidently, knowing they are safe while driving. The NHTSA rated the Pacifica and Voyager’s safety as five stars.

Though driver-assistance technologies, there is a clear distinction between them. On the Pacifica, functions like Adaptive Cruising Regulation, Lane Deviation Caution, Pedestrian Automated Emergency Brakes, and others get included also they are available as an extra security bundle on the Voyager.

Which one to buy; Chrysler Voyager or Pacifica ?

The 2019 Pacifica vehicles with lesser specification levels moved over to make room for the 2020 Chrysler Voyager. It is the perfect minivan for consumers looking for a vehicle with plenty of upscale amenities but a limited budget.

Bottom Line

Both Chrysler Voyager vs Pacifica have several significant variances. Due to Pacifica’s sheer number of options above Voyager’s, that is the case. Regarding the vehicle’s inside, this is very accurate. The Pacifica includes more customizable and basic options, like a powered liftgate.

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