Do you Tip Oil Changes? What You Should Know!!!

do you tip oil changes

Do you tip oil changes? But what is an oil change? An oil change is removing the old and used oil in your engine to replace it with new and good oil. The oil in the vehicle gets old and worthless over time. This dirty oil can be less efficient and slippery when acting as a good lubricant for engine parts. It is required to change the oil as per specifications.

The used oil can lose its viscosity and break down due to heat exposure. The oil is used as a lubricant for the engine’s cylinder walls. 

Can you Bring your Oil to an Oil Change?

You have a few options for an oil change. You can visit a mechanic and get an oil change, or you can change the oil yourself at home. And the third option is to bring your oil to the mechanics to get it changed.

It’s totally fine to bring your oil for a change. You can even save money on it. But the oil has to be the right one for your vehicle. And the oil should also be sufficient enough for the vehicle. Bringing your oil has pros like you know what oil suits well with the vehicle, and you can control the oil change- know what type of oil is used (conventional, blend, synthetic).

How Much Do Oil Change Mechanics Make?

Different oil change mechanics charge different rates. These rates depend on hours and how good the mechanic is. The rate differs according to the reputation earned among the customers. The average rate for an hour for an oil mechanic is around $30. And the hourly rate is based on many factors; the mechanic’s skills, years of experience, education, and qualification. And the salary range is between $26-$36.

The average estimate per annum per mechanic for an oil change is around $42 520, and the average estimate for additional payment per annum is around $2 258. This includes commission, bonus, tips, and share of profits.

Do you Tip Oil Changes?

That depends on the customer. There is no such requirement to tip a mechanic for an oil change. That is optional. The oil change mechanics are paid a good salary or wage for changing the oil in your car. An oil change has a fixed set of prices the vehicle owner is charged. So, tip the mechanic if you feel generous to do so. You can tip from $5-$15 on average.

A tip is something people consider a token of appreciation for a service. Many people have made tipping any service a regular habit. Tipping can be a custom in many service industry jobs. Tipping mechanics is unnecessary. And, tipping a hairdresser, a restaurant waiter, or a delivery guy is customary. They expect a tip from you as well. But when it comes to an oil change mechanic, it is not obligatory. Even if the oil change technician demands a tip, you can refuse it. And by tipping them, you can become a special customer with privileges in return for appreciation.

Do Oil-changing Guys Expect a Tip?

The oil change mechanics do not expect a tip from you. They are well aware that they will be paid for the job. Their job description clearly states that as a fact. Being an oil change mechanic is not a hard job at all. It doesn’t even require experience. You can be trained to do it on the spot. There are a few ways you can tip regardless;

Tip if it would go to the mechanic who did the job if he did a great job at it. Tip if you feel you will be treated well for it. And tip if you are a regular customer as a thank you.

Is it Appropriate to Tip a Mechanic?

There is nothing wrong with tipping a mechanic. There is no unspoken rule on tipping them. So, mechanics or technicians follow a non-tipping policy. In such cases, it’s better not to tip. Many feel it’s appropriate to tip anyone who does genuine work or provides sincere service. Some mechanics delay work, are not productive or efficient, and some don’t even change the oil yet charge a good price. In that case, better not tip them.

Another reason it’s unnecessary to tip is when you don’t have the money. Do not tip rude mechanics who are grumpy and annoying you without a valid reason.

How Long does an Oil Change Take?

There is no specific standard time for an oil change. Different mechanics take time based on the type of vehicle; other maintenance work is done along with the oil change. Sometimes they may be busy with other vehicles at the same time. All of these affects how long they take for an oil change. Based on many garages, some take from around 20-45 minutes. Some mechanics can do it in 10 -15 minutes.

The oil change process includes jacking up the car to open it up. Then use an oil reservoir or any liquid container to drain the used oil out of the engine. Then find the oil filter, drain the plugin, and replace it with a new filter. And finally, fill it back with new oil that matches the vehicle specification.

How Much is an Oil Change?

How much is charged? Depends on many factors. These factors include the thickness of the oil, the oil capacity, and how often the vehicle needs the oil change. And this charge differs from one vehicle to another. There are 3 types of oil we use. Synthetic oil is a little expensive compared to blend and conventional oil.

For example, a good quality synthetic oil bottle may cost $20-$40. And another factor is oil in liters. It can range from 750 ml to 40 liters. This capacity is a major factor in deciding how much is charged. And when you add the charges for the oil filter replacement and the location you visit, it can go beyond $75.

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