How to Disable Anti Theft System Chevy Malibu? [Quick & Easy]

how to disable anti theft system chevy malibu

The anti-theft technology is one safety element for Chevy Malibu owners that can come in handy frequently. Sometimes, whenever the alarm is mistakenly triggered, such a program requires toward being reset. To correctly reset such a device, you’ll need both the ignition key as well as the keyless control. Learn more about the functions of your Malibu’s anti-theft technology along with how to disable anti theft system Chevy Malibu by reading on.

Why Do you Want to Disable Anti Theft System Chevy Malibu?

When a break-in effort is detected, a vehicle theft prevention system is engaged to stop auto theft. Yet that is hardly the only instance. No matter how few efforts have been made to break in, it can still light up.

There is No Power in the Key Fob

Commonly, a drained key fob cell prevents the keyless device from receiving signals from the key fob.

You have a Defective Key Fob Immobilizer Microchip

Wiring issues, flood damage, or coding issues all have the potential to cause a faulty key fob.

It’s Likely that your Locker was Broken

When attempting to enter your vehicle, thieves employ a variety of tools. The door locks may sustain damage from this type.

The Incorrect Key was Used

The erroneous signals could be transmitted if inappropriate car keys were inserted.

It’s Dead or Low on Power in your Car

The vehicle won’t start if a charge is dead, and the keyless entry system might not work either.

System Problems with Keyless

It’s probable that the antennas or transceivers are broken.

Can you Disable Anti-theft System on Chevy Maibu?

In fact, you can. Resetting the anti-theft mechanism on a Chevrolet Malibu is rather simple. All you have to do is convince the vehicle that you are indeed present while ensuring the engine can start using the right key or car key.

When you try to disengage the anti-theft device yet it fails to make logical sense. It’s not operating right, and you should visit the dealer for a repair.

How to Disable Anti Theft System Chevy Malibu?

To correctly restore this device, you’ll need both the ignition button and the electronic key control. Using the key fob to circumvent the anti-theft mechanism represents the most straightforward solution.

  • Action 1: Stop the vehicle and ensure that all doors are secured and locked. Use the keyless button while standing outside the car. But on the controller, simultaneously holding down the keys for locking and unlocking.
  • Procedure 2: After the indicators briefly flicker and the siren beeps, press both the secure and release keys.
  • Phase 3: Put the starter key inside the lock and adjust it here to the “ON” setting. Never begin driving the vehicle. Do not begin driving after turning the key to the ON position. The fact that the vehicle’s peripherals switch on, whereas the engine does not, should tell you anything.
  • Stage 4: Keep the ignition stay there in the “ON” setting for thirty secs. Resetting the anti-theft requires turning the ignition up, turning the car out, and restarting it twice.
  • Step 5: Turn the key in the ignition and check to see whether the warning light is on. This theft prevention system has been reset.

It’s appropriate to reach out for expert assistance if the device hasn’t been reset as well as you are still unable to defeat the anti-theft technology. Consult the owner’s handbook if you need assistance. It includes a step-by-step explanation of how to activate this anti-theft system on any Chevy Malibu.

Pros and Cons of Disabling Anti Theft System?

Your automobile’s vital components will be protected from theft by the car burglar alarm.



It’s occasionally practical to disable an anti-theft device, particularly if it is not working properly or is generating issues. Furthermore, if you need to begin the car right away and have misplaced the key fob or control, it may prove helpful.


Deactivating your anti-theft device may assist you in avoiding paying hefty repair fees if it is broken or needs extensive maintenance.


The anti-theft mechanism may need to be turned off for some auto aficionados to alter their automobile or add aftermarket safeguards.

Pros and Cons of Disabling Anti Theft System


The Possibility of Theft Exists

When the anti-theft technology is disabled, the car is more vulnerable to being stolen, which may prove costly and hazardous.

Warranty Void

The company’s guarantee, which could be costly if anything really goes wrong, could be worthless if an anti-theft mechanism is disabled.

Consequences for Insurance

Insurance providers could decline to pay out a claim if the car is destroyed or stolen as a result of a disabled anti-theft device.

Ramifications for the Law

Stopping the anti-theft device may be unlawful in some places and carry penalties, including penalties or even jail time.

Safety Hazards

In the event of a collision, passengers might well be exposed to danger if the anti-theft technology is disabled, together with other safety equipment like airbags or powertrain locking lug nuts.

People have to warn you that you’re not advised to disable an anti-theft device on a car because doing so can still have negative repercussions.

How to Enable Anti Theft System on Chevy Malibu?

Put the car in park and take the key out of the ignition.

Use the key fob, nor physically lock each door within the car to secure them.

Give the device a chance to arm itself by waiting at least 30 seconds.

Use the keys or keys fob to open the front door on the driver’s side. By doing so, you must be able to start the car and disable the anti-theft device.

The anti-theft mechanism on such a Chevy Malibu can be reset using the following two techniques.

First Approach

Once the anti-theft device light quits flashing, turn the starter into the “on” setting and allow it 10 minutes to ventilate.

Turn the key to activate the engine.

The Second Approach

Pressing and holding the locked and unlocked buttons at the same time while not inside the automobile.

Whenever the hazard flashers, as well as the automobile honks, release your hold.

Place the starter key inside the lock, turn it toward the ON setting, and hold it there for approximately 30 seconds.

When you start the automobile, the anti-theft mechanism will have been reset.


Your automobile’s vital components will be protected from theft by the car burglar alarm. Whenever anyone tries the smash a window or a doorway, the security system of the vehicle will start to inform the people and security officers. Despite having many benefits, automobile alarm systems can have some drawbacks. It makes a big impact and still deters crooks from taking even though it only requires your automobile a few moments to sound an alarm.

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