Mercon lv vs V – Unveiling the Distinctions and Applications!!!

mercon lv vs v

Hunting for the correct transmission can be challenging as there are plenty of options in the market, and Mercon is one of them. Mercon is a brand introduced by Ford motor company,  manufacturing premium automatic transmission fluid for your vehicles. Mercon oil was introduced to the industry in 1987 and gradually developed its original product. As a result, you will see different types of Mercon transmission oils in the industry. However, Mercon V and Mercon LV are two of the most prominent products in the company recommended to lubricate your Ford. Since selecting the right type of lubrication is a critical choice, you will need clarification on which Mercon product is the right choice for your car. But you do not have to worry because, in this article, we will compare Mercon LV vs. V to determine which Mercon product is best for your vehicle. Hence, ensure to keep reading the article till the very end.

What is Mercon LV?

Finding what is Mercon LV and Mercon before comparing the two products, Mercon LV vs. V, is critical; hence we will find out about the two products separately.

The Mercon LV is a transmission fluid developed to reduce the engine’s friction and helps you run your vehicle smoothly by regulating the engine heat.

The Mercon LV is hydro-processed when manufacturing, with additives that increase the oil’s quality to boost your engine performance.

It also avoids gum or sludge foaming in the engine parts and protects your engine from rust. As a result, using Mercon LV will prevent corrosion, as previously stated.

The Mercon LV works effectively in low and high temperatures while shifting gears; hence you need to worry less about transmission as it prevents shudders.

The Mercon LV is also an excellent option for lubricating Fords, Mercury, and Lincoln cars. However, the Mercon LV transmission oil has a thick viscosity but is a budget-friendly option.

What is Mercon V?

The Mercon V, in contrast, is a thicker transmission oil than the Mercon V that helps to boost the engine performance by protecting the engine from oxidization and shudders, preventing corrosion and wearing in the engine.

The Mercon V also provides extra protection and lubrication by preventing rust completely because the oil has a thicker viscosity and less density. As a result, the Mercon V transmission oil also helps to shift gift gears smoother, avoiding shudders.

The increased Viscosity in the Mercon V oil also helps to regulate the temperature efficiently by preventing the engine from overheating. Thus the oil is also effective to use in colder climates.

The Mercon V is a standard premium transmission and is best for the latest cars, including EVs. However, considering the pros, the Mercon V is more costly than the Mercon LV transmission oil.

Is Mercon V Same and the Mercon LV?

Though the Mercon LV and Mercon V are used for the same purpose to lubricate your engine and increase performance, there are a few differences that set them apart.

However, the Mercon V and Mercon LV help prevent rust and corrosion in the engine by regulating the temperature.

The oils also help to shift the gears smoothly, preventing shudders. But as much as the similarities, there are differences between the two oils. If you are curious to know, keep reading to find out.

What are the Differences Between Mercon LV and Mercon V

What are the Differences Between Mercon LV and Mercon V?

Choosing the right type of transmission oil for your car can be one of the critical decisions if you want to maintain the engine because you need to ensure what is right. Thus, when you have to select between Mercon V and Mercon LV, it is normal for most to be uncertain about the differences between the two oils and what they must choose. But comparing  Mercon Lv vs. V will help find the differences and make it easier for you to find which Mercon transmission oil is best for your vehicle. Thus, we have listed the differences between Mercon LV and Mercon V below.

  • Cost

One of the primary factors to consider before finding the correct transmission oil for your car is to conder the budget to find out if the investment is worth it. When comparing both transmission oils, the Mercon V is more costly than the Mercon LV, while the LV is budget-friendly. The Mercon V is costly as the Viscosity is high, and the primary features in the Mercon LV are upgraded in the V, providing extra protection for your cars.

  • Weather Resistant

Since the Mercon V has a higher viscosity than the Mercon LV, they are effective in colder weather conditions. In contrast with less Viscosity, Mercon LV is effective in hotter climates.

  • Shifting

Though both transmission oils are great for shifting gears smoothly,  the Mercon LV is better than the Mercon V.

  • Viscosity

Viscocity is one of the primary differences that set the two transmission oils apart. Thus, as previously stated, the Mercon V is thicker than the Mercon LV as it is designed for modern vehicles.

  • Fuel Compatibility

The additive features in the transmission oils are different since they are designed for different engine models. The Mercon LV is the latest version used for modern Vehicles and EVs; hence you cannot mix them with ISO 46 hydraulic fuels.

But, mixing Merson V with other fuel additives is fine.


Can Mercon LV be Used in Place of Mercon V?

Since Mercon V is the latest transmission oil, using it instead of Mercon V will be fine. As the Mercon V is designed for version cars, using Mercon LV for older fords can make it effective. However, using Mercon LV in place of Mercon V is not recommended.

Is Mercon LV Fully Synthetic?

Mercon LV is a fully synthetic ATF transmission oil like Mercon V.

What Viscosity is Mercon LV?

Since the Viscosity is less in the Mercon LV than the Mercon V, you should be curious to find the Viscosity.

What Happens If you Mix Mercon V and Mercon LV?

The Mercon transmission oils are manufactured for different engines hence mixing the oil is not recommended, as the viscosity index is not the same in the Mercon V and Mercon LV.

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