Roll n Lock vs Retrax Pro – Which One Offers the Best Value?

roll n lock vs retrax pro

If you are searching to find a suitable bed cover for your pick-up truck, you will come across a list of companies in the market. With several Bedcover companies, Roll n Lock and Retrax pro have led the market because of their increased sales. Roll n lock and Retrax Pro are two of the most popular bedcover manufacturers, recognized in the market because of their features. Since most of the features the companies offer are almost similar, it can be challenging to select between Roll n lock and Retrax pro. Hence Roll n lock or Retrax Pro is going to be a sporty decision for you,  but can we make it easier for you? You heard it right; in this article, we will compare Roll n Lock vs. Retrax pro to find out which Bed covers best match your requirements, making it easier for you to decide. Keep reading the article to find out.

What are Roll n Lock and Retrax Pro?

Roll n Lock and Retrax Pro are two leading Bedcover or Tonneau cover manufacturing companies.

The companies offer durable bedcovers for your pick truck to protect your load from weather conditions.

The materials used in the Roll n lock and Retrax pro also reduce the minimum damages caused to the cargo and pick-up truck.

Roll n Lock, as previously stated, is a company manufacturing Bedcovers for pick-up trucks. The company was established in 2016 under Lund International, which also produces branded automotive Accessories.

The president of Roll n Lock company is Brandon Bernardo, who built the company with his employees and successfully made it the fastest bedcover producer in the world. Since 2016 Roll n lock has been designing reliable, versatile bedcovers with increased security.

Retax pro is also a large company such as Roll n lock, which has won the hearts of many customers because of its features. However, Retrax pro is a legendary bedcover manufacturing company founded in 1996.

They strived only to build bedcovers to satisfy their customer for the past 20 years, providing a lifetime warranty, and since then, Retrax has maintained steady growth in the market. Retrax first manufactured its products in less than 10,000 feet, but over years of hard work, they now manufacture its products in an 85,000-square-foot facility in Grand Forks.

Retrax first started as a single, but with their significant growth, Retrax joined Real truck Inc. in October 2013, another huge step taken for the company’s growth.

Roll n Lock vs Retrax Pro: Price

When planning to buy bedcover for your pick-up truck, the price has a huge influence because you need to ensure that the product is worth the price.

When comparing Roll n lock and Retrax, one of the significant differences you will see is the changes in their price. Considering the cost of the bedcovers, the Roll n lock is more costly than the Retrax pro. Hence, the standard price of Roll n lock bedcovers starts from $1519 U.S. dollars, while you will find the standard price of Retrax pro bedcovers starting from $1200 U.S. dollars.

The reason for the price differences between the Roll n lock and Retrax pro companies depends on the style or the manufacturing process, but they are equally top-notch products.

Roll n lock vs. Retrax Pro: Installation

No one would want bedcovers that consume your time, with extra effort when installing. Another buyer’s consideration when selecting between Roll n lock and Retrax pro bedcovers is the installation process.

In general, both bedcovers are easy to install, but lock n lock is more convenient than Retrax pro. Because Roll n lock uses a clamp-on track feature in the bedcover, which helps to easily install by following the manual guide in a short time, but when installing the Retrax pro bedcover, in contrast, you will need a partner to align it properly, which can be slightly time-consuming.

Roll n Lock vs Retrax Pro: Durability

Durability should be your first thought when buying a bedcover because you must invest your money in a durable and long-lasting bedcover. Both the bedcovers are fairly durable because they have Aluminum which is considered best for bedcovers.

Using Aluminum for bedcovers is strong, minimizes the damages caused to the cargo, and protects your load from harmful weather conditions.

Though both Roll n lock and Retrax pro are durable bedcovers, Retrax pro leads because the main ingredient used is black Aluminum, which can weigh 500 pounds. But Roll n lock, in contrast, is made of Vinyl and Aluminum, where Aluminum is used as the base and vinyl over. Thus, because Roll n lock only uses a proportion of Aluminum, it can only withstand up to 35o pounds.

Roll n Lock vs Retrax Pro: Security

Once you load your cargo and install the bedcovers in the pick-up truck, you must ensure your load is secure during the journey.

The Roll n lock uses a rachet latch system where you can lock the bedcover on four sides, and a tailgate is used to secure it. It improves the security in the Roll n lock; it also uses an aluminum undercarriage.

Retrax Pro, in contrast, uses a latch with a cover and has a tailgate where you can open the bedcover when you need even with large loads.

Retrax Pro also has improved security because the lid in the bed cover secures the latch by hiding it.

Roll n Lock vs Retrax Pro: Protection

One of the primary reasons for using a bedcover for your pick-up truck is to protect the loads and cargo from harmful weather conditions. In this case, Roll n lock and Retrax pro do a fair job equally because they have designed the covers mainly to be weather resistant. But you will see the Retrax pro has a scratch-free matter black surface, with two drain tubes, and is sealed with foam.

Where it protects your load under any weather conditions, be it snow, rain, or UV rays. Though the Roll n lock also does a good job protecting using vinyl aluminum, you will not see any extra features.


In the article, Roll n lock vs. Retrax pro, we have compared the two bedcovers by discussing the price, installation, durability, security, and protection, making it easier to choose between them. Hence, you can consider which factors are important before buying a bedcover.

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