What Gas Stations Accept Venmo? [Options]

what gas stations accept venmo

It would be best if you tried to avoid flashing your debit or credit card as much as possible while on one of those long road journeys. The epidemic has also shown that switching to contactless payment is usually preferable. So it only makes sense to find out whether gas stations accept Venmo QR codes before you go. And what gas stations accept Venmo? Let’s find out whether there are any and, if so, how.

Do Gas Stations Accept Venmo?

Yes, as long as you pay with a Venmo Card, most petrol stations will accept your payment. Instead of using the Venmo card to pay at the gas pump, it is preferable to step inside and use it to pay for the correct quantity of petrol at the gas station. This will help you avoid hold fees, which might result in excessive debits or transaction rejects.

What Gas Stations Accept Venmo?

So, what gas stations accept Venmo? Venmo QR codes get not accepted at all petrol stations, but the following list will show you which ones do. Therefore, the Venmo QR code is the ideal payment option for you, whether you’re in the mood for a fast petrol purchase or want to make purchases at numerous gas stations during the journey.

  • Texaco

Installing the Texaco mobile app now includes Venmo as one of the accepted payment methods. This means you may use your Venmo balance to pay the next time you fill up at Texaco. Installing the Texaco app requires either Google Play or the App Store. You’ll receive rewards when you use the app to pay at the Texaco station in your neighborhood.

  • Chevron

An update shows Venmo payments get now supported on the authorized Chevron mobile app. Pick Venmo from the list of available payment methods while using the app, including PayPal, credit and debit cards, and Venmo. To get the Techron app, go to Google Play or the App Store.

  • Speedway Chains

Speedway is a renowned chain of gas stations and convenience stores in the US. You may use your Venmo debit card at this gas station because they accept MasterCard.

  • ExxonMobil

The ExxonMobil mobile app accepts payments by credit and debit cards and several saved payment options. You may use your Venmo debit card at the pump or store it as a card on the mobile app.

  • Shell

One of the largest American gas station companies, Chevron, accepts various payments at numerous locations around the nation.

At the pump and through the Chevron app, Mastercard is one of these options. This implies that you may use your Venmo card to purchase Chevron the next time you stop there.

  • Sheetz Inc

Sheetz Inc. began as a single, humble convenience store owned and operated by a private person in Altoona, Pennsylvania. It has grown into a significant, successful chain with an excellent reputation.

Like other businesses, Sheetz accepts Mastercard, so you may use your Venmo Debit Card to pay for your gas the next time you top up.

  • 7-Eleven

Given that you have access to the Venmo Debit Card here, another well-known gas store in the US, 7-Eleven, would be even more convenient for you.

  • Sunoco

Sunoco is among the world’s earliest gas station chains and a more well-American brand. There are over 7,000 sites in the US.

You can utilize your Venmo balance using the Venmo Debit Card, as Mastercard is accepted there.

How to Pay At The Gas Station With Venmo?

We now know that Venmo QR codes get not accepted at petrol stations. However, using Venmo to pay by scanning a QR code is feasible. Let’s start by downloading an app for a petrol station. Let’s use Shell as an example for the time being.

  • Get the Shell Motorist application from Google Play or App Store.
  • Follow the instructions to create your account.
  • The Venmo card or the Venmo wallet can get added when you attach a payment method.
  • You can add several payment options and designate one as the default. Let Venmo wallet be the standard choice.
  • Look for a QR code on a pump’s body when you arrive there.
  • Launch the Shell Motorist App once you’ve located it.
  • Search the app for the scanner icon.
  • Your phone should get held up in front of the scanner.
  • The phone stores both your location and the pump number.
  • You get then taken to the payment option.
  • Enter your fingerprint or pin code for biometric identification.
  • The payment has gotten made.

The sum is deducted from your Venmo wallet balance if you link the Venmo wallet. If the amount for petrol exceeds your available wallet balance, the remaining amount will get deducted from any payment option connected to your Venmo account. Your debit or credit card may get used in this situation.

It works the same way when you attach your Venmo debit card. If there isn’t enough money in your Venmo account to complete the transaction, your other payment options get used to cover the difference.

The Venmo credit card is a whole separate issue. As long as the card is valid, you will get direct payment from it.

Final Thought

You should try Venmo QR Code if searching for a quick and easy way to pay for gas.

Use your smartphone to scan the pump’s barcode and pay using your Venmo account! This strategy is perfect for people who are hesitant to use their debit or credit card at petrol stations because it’s quick, simple, and safe.

So, give Venmo QR Code GA a try whether you’re filling up your vehicle or need to stop for some snacks on the way home!

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