What Size Mattress Fits in a Truck Bed? Let’s Find Out

what size mattress fits in a truck bed

It’s essential to consider the mattress’ size for the truck bed. Acquiring a mattress with those measurements would be ideal, given that most truck beds are between six and eight feet in length. So, What size mattress fits in a truck bed, you ask? Before selecting a size, ensure the mattress will fit in your truck bed. To learn more about your questions, keep reading.

Dimensions of Mattress

The producers stick to a uniform sizing chart regardless of whether it is an inflatable truck mattress or another sort. Twin is the smallest size, while California king is the largest. The widths and lengths of each size are listed below.

  • Twin Size

It is the smallest size that gets offered. A twin-size mattress is 38 inches in width by 75 inches in length. Typically, a single individual should use this. The equivalent foot measurement is 6.25 X 3.1.

  • Twin XL Size

A Twin XL mattress has essentially identical dimensions to a Twin mattress, except that the length is about 5 inches longer. A Twin XL mattress measures 6.6 feet by 3.1 feet, or 80 inches by 38 inches, respectively.

  • Full Size

A full-size mattress can hold two people comfortably. A full-size bed measures 75 by 54 inches or 6.25 by 4.5 feet.

  • Full XL Size

Its breadth is comparable to that of a full-size bed. However, this unit’s length is 5 inches longer than the full-size one. As a result, it is 54 inches wide and 80 inches long. As a result, 6.6 X 4.5 is the comparable dimension in feet.

  • Queen Size

It is the biggest mattress that a vehicle can hold. A queen mattress measures 6.6 feet by 5 feet or 80 inches by 60 inches. Therefore, a queen-size air mattress would be your best option if you have a big truck.

  • Olympic Queen Size

OQ mattresses are among the biggest ones that can accommodate entire families. But regrettably, these are difficult to accommodate inside conventional vehicles. OQ mattresses are typically 80 inches by 66 inches in size.

  • King Size

Couples with dogs and other situations benefit most from king-sized beds. But once more, you won’t be able to squeeze this mattress into a truck. OQ mattresses are typically 80 inches by 76 inches in size.

  • California King Size

The greatest mattresses are California kings for large households with animals and other things. Sadly, another mattress won’t fit in a truck once again. CK mattresses are typically 84 inches by 72 inches in size.

 What Size Mattress Fits in a Truck Bed?

The answer to your query, i.e. What size mattress fits in a truck bed? It depends on two factors which are as follows:

  • Truck Bed Size

Providing particular measurements for a mattress that would fit a truck bed would be unjust. Instead, to have the optimum fit while moving a mattress, we advise you to measure your vehicle first. How do you determine the truck bed’s dimensions?

By measuring from the centre of the back towards the front, you wish to determine the length of the truck bed. Given that you don’t want to include the measurement of the wheel wells, the focus must get placed on ensuring the tailgate is up as it should be. You want to ensure that your mattress will fit appropriately according to the truck bed length because different pickup vehicles might have longer or shorter truck beds.

  • Mattress Type

Finding the ideal mattress for a truck bed is simple once you have the measurement. Depending on your preferences and after considering several elements, you can select an innerspring, air, or foam bed. For instance, using one on a truck bed is uncommon due to the added weight of an innerspring mattress.

The bed is more difficult to install in the truck bed due to the bed’s massive internal springs. Do foam mattresses qualify? Because you can have it compacted to reduce the total bulk, this material is perfect.

The air mattress is the last variety that could fit well on a truck bed. It is the lightest bed available, and you may deflate it to reduce storage space further. The only potential negative is that you must be cautious when transporting it in your vehicle since you don’t want to puncture the material unintentionally.

How to Secure a Mattress in a Truck Bed?

The ideal method involves using tie-downs and straps together with tension bars or sturdy brackets that attach to the vehicle frame on both sides close to where two rails meet up front and back behind the tailgate.

One benefit of this project is that, if done correctly, no lasting harm will get done to any component of your car. As a result, if you ever decide to get rid of your mattress, you must take the hardware off the pickup frame.

Final Thought

Anyone who intends to move a mattress by truck must determine the size of mattresses that fit in the truck bed. Another essential step in avoiding damage during transport is properly loading and fastening a mattress in a vehicle. You can ensure the mattress gets to its destination safely by measuring your car and mattress.

Truck beds, however, are used for more than just moving mattresses. Additionally, truck beds may be utilised for sleeping, particularly when camping. Therefore, for anyone who intends to use their truck bed as a temporary bedroom, knowing the size of the mattress that fits in one might be crucial. No matter where you go, you can have a nice night’s sleep by ensuring your mattress will fit tightly in the truck bed with some preparation.

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