About Us

Welcome to AboutRide.com!

I’m Charitha, a Sri Lankan mechanic living in New Zealand. Yes, as the name of my blog suggests by itself, AboutRide.com is all about your vehicle. I’ll help you get a better ride next time without an issue!

The passion I have for vehicles and the educational and professional qualifications I have accumulated as a mechanic over the last couple of decades were somewhat less-used after I migrated to New Zealand. After a thorough thought, I’ve decided to establish a blog and write about my passion and expertise in order to help vehicle enthusiasts around the world to maintain their vehicles to the highest quality.

All the articles published on AboutRide.com are written based on my previous experiences and what I’ve learned as a Mechanic. If your vehicle is currently experiencing an issue and if you find the solution on my blog, you don’t have to think twice about putting it to work. 

I would say this is just the beginning of my blogging journey as there are tons of things I have in my armory to share with you. I hope you will join me in helping develop this blog and help a buddy in trouble right now with an issue with their vehicle. If you want to reach me, kindly visit the contact us page. Have a great day!