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The Fabulous “TrueBlue Twins” With Dazzling Eyes

Twins are a fantastic creation of nature. Nature knows how to copy perfectly. The fact that twins are identical is remarkable. When you think about it, twins are a fantastic concept. You see similar twins who are the same but have the same features and nonidentical twins who have certain similarities. However, it is an incredible creation. 

In the everyday context, twins are standard. It is fascinating how two distinct individuals can be so alike. Among the sets of twins worldwide, this couple has gotten much attention from the audience. They, too, share many similarities. Magen and Morgan are very famous at the moment. And they have made the onlookers curious just by their appearance. These twins look incredibly beautiful. 

Aged four, they have the most beautiful eyes of crystal-clear blue like water. These attractive eyes have caught the attention of internet users worldwide. Once, a picture was posted, taking the internet by storm. 

These lucky twins could catch the attention and hearts of many when they were just four years old. That is all because of the incredible pictures their mother shared on Instagram. It gave these lovely twins a new title, TrueBlue twins. 

Millions of parents post pictures on the internet. But these caught special attention because of the look of the two adorable kids. They now have over 153000 Instagram followers. 

Why do you think that is?

Here’s the story!

The girls were born on June 6, 2011. Their mother said they came up with a neck name purely because of the color of their eyes. The eyes were a lovely, dazzling blue, so they were called the true-blue twins. To distinguish each twin, you must look closely at their eyes. That will help you identify Magan from Morgan. According to the description of their mother, Megan has two blue eyes of the same blue shades. But Morgan has one blue eye and one brown eye, which is also very unusual.

The pictures show the kids’ current appearance at the age of nine. In most situations where the twins appear together, they wear matching outfits. This is common to these extraordinary twins, the same as any other twins worldwide. 

The mother of the twins loves shopping for the girls. She also ensures that the kids’ wardrobes are constantly updated with fashion trends. That makes them even more special and attractive in fashionable attire and accessories. As any other mother, the mother of Magan and Morgan invests deeply in the welfare of the kids. And she makes sure they are physically as well as emotionally healthy.

Many have noticed this captivating beauty in the eyes of the girls. Many have contradictory views about them, too. Some think, how come the girls get this eye color despite their parents coming from African descent? Also, some say that the girls are wearing contact lenses. But the truth is that this lovely blue shade of the eyes is the natural inheritance of the girls. It is known to be a rare gene. 

The mother of the twins, Stephany, is forever proud of her eye color. Even though she, too, has natural blue eyes, she never wears colored contacts to change the shade of her eyes. The mother is very proud and firm about the fact that her daughters have become very popular online personalities. Also, according to her, the girls’ natural blue eyes and natural beauty are critical to the modeling world. But she will never push the girls down that path. 

Anyhow, aren’t these 11-year-old twins adorable? 

They will indeed become an adorable duo when they grow up. And no one can stop them from getting popular and growing in popularity. 

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