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Ceramic Coating vs PPF – Which Is Better?

Paint protection is one of the significant facts you pay attention to for a good-looking car. And there are two popular options ceramic coating and paint protection film you can go for. Today, our topic is ceramic coating vs PPF, so you will be able to select the right one for your car through the comparison and contrast of them. Both of them equally help to prevent fading and scratches. At the same time, it is worth knowing how they become different from each other.

First, let’s have a look at what they are separately before diving deeper into the differences.

Get to Know Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coating has been popular since 2000 for car painting job. It is a liquid polymer that is applied on the exterior surfaces of cars, and it helps to improve the outlook of the car. Basically, it gives a shiny look to your car. What happens is ceramic coating will chemically bond with the paint of the vehicle.

There are some other advantages of ceramic coating because it can protect your car surface from UV rays and it prevents other chemical damages such as chemical stains and chemical etch marks that are caused by acidic contaminants.

In addition, ceramic coating keeps the car cleaner for a long time, and you will also experience that it is easy to clean your vehicle since the ceramic coating is hydrophobic and water-repelling. The hydrophobic properties make it harder for contaminants to bond with the car’s paint.

Paint Protection Film (PPF or Clear Bra) Is?

First, PPF has been used to protect military vehicles. Later, it became a commercial product with a change of color from black to transparent. It is a urethane material that is applied to the exterior painted surface of the car.

PPF acts as a protective coating for the vehicle. Because it can prevent corrosion and other damages such as scratches, chemical stains, Chemical etch marks, Swirl marks, and hard water spots, which are caused by mineral deposits, etc. PPF also provides protection against harmful UV rays. It is beneficial because harsh sun rays make the car’s surface fade.

Ceramic Coating vs PPF 

Now let’s compare and contrast these two paint protection methods considering some crucial facts. Then you will be able to decide what method is better for your car, according to your need at the moment.

If you want to achieve the best of both worlds, it is okay to add both of them for paint protection. But make sure to visit a professional to get the job done.

 We are going to discuss what are the similarities and differences between them in detail.

What are the Similarities Between Ceramic Coating and PPF?

As we described earlier, both act as protective guards of the vehicle’s paint while creating a supportive and rich surface for the car. Both are good at preventing the damages made by acidic chemical contaminants such as chemical stains and chemical etch marks. Apart from that, both of them help to reduce the damage which is caused by UV exposure.

Therefore, whether you go for ceramic coating or PPF, it is worth it because of the above advantages.

What are the Differences Between Ceramic Coating and PPF?

Now it is time to clarify how they differ from one anotherThere are some considerable differences between Paint Protection Films and Ceramic Coatings, although they share some similarities. We are going to discuss the differences along with the following factors.

  • Composition and Texture

Both have kind of a thick texture. However, PPF is more stagnant than ceramic coating. And Paint Protection Films differ from ceramic coating because of their chemical composition. The specialty is that PPF can self-heal, which means it can return to its original composition after receiving an indentation. However, ceramic coating is more suitable than Paint Protection Films if you want a shiner surface.

  • Hydrophobic Properties

When compared with PPF, ceramic coating performs very well, creating a hydrophobic surface. Some Paint Protection Films contain a hydrophobic clear coat, but it is not as good as the full ceramic coating. This property affects the cleanliness of the vehicle. Thus, if you wish for low maintenance, you can use a ceramic coating since you will not have to clean your car often.

  • Performance with the Self-healing Ability

Depending on the surrounding we use the vehicles in, our vehicles may not expect the same level of protection. Especially if you drive your car on harsh roads a lot, your vehicle surely wants higher protection. Paint Protection Film can absorb swirl marks, hard water spots, rock chips, mineral deposits, scratches, and road hazards apart from chemical damages because of the self-heal property of PPF. In comparison, the ceramic coating does not have such quality since it is not self-healing. Therefore, if your car is a victim of the damages described above, it is better to go for a Paint Protection Film.

  • Existing Time

When it comes to the longevity of these two paint protections, ceramic coating wins. Because PPF has less life than a ceramic coating. The superhero, ceramic coating can exist on your car’s surface for years or even the whole lifetime of the car. You have to reapply PPF once or twice, so if you do not want to bother for this job several times, you can choose a ceramic coating.

  • The Price

Last but not least, we consider the price before repairing the vehicle. Now you know the advantages of each paint protection, let’s talk about how much you have to spend for each. Indeed, it will become a crucial thing too, when you are going to resale the vehicle.

Ceramic coating is more expensive than Paint Protection Film, but it is like an investment for your vehicle because of its longevity. Anyways, you can go for a PPF considering its benefits, especially the self-healing property.

Now, you have a better idea of these two paint protections, and we hope you can choose the best option without any doubts. A vehicle is a long-term investment, so it is really important to protect our vehicles with suitable applications at the right time.

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