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Headlights Turn Off When High Beams are Turned On – Causes? 

Maintaining and handling an automobile can be a complicated responsibility. There can be issues ranging from major to minor and often leave you confused. Notices how headlights turn off when high beams are turned on? Indeed it can be pretty concerning for your vehicle.

This article will explain why such an issue arises in your vehicle and how you can actively fix and keep your worries at bay. 

Stick around and learn everything you should know regarding the matter. 

Headlights Turn Off When High Beams are Turned On – Causes? 

A handful of reasons can cause the headlights to turn off when you switch on the high beams. 

Let us look in depth at the possible causes of this issue. 

  • Defective Bulbs 

The headlights themselves can be the reason why they are not staying on. The bulbs may have gone out. 

There can be a few reasons that cause the bulbs to go out. 

One primary cause is fluctuations in the electricity supply. 

This happens when the headlights’ wiring connection is loose or faulty. This can hinder the active current flow and disturb stability in the flow. 

Hence the headlight’s main point will not be able to receive enough electricity to stay on. 

This will cause it to turn on and off or 

Not at all, simultaneously heating up the lamps.

This can cause the bulb filament to be defective. 

Other likely reasons include a low-quality bulb, any precipitation inside the bulb, or excess vibration. 

Touching the bulbs directly with your bare hands can also result in unpleasant outcomes. 

  • Blown Fuses 

If the fuses are blown, headlights will turn off when high beams are on. Fuses are often blown when the switches or wiring is found faulty. 

Also, fuses are prone to blows if you have chosen one with a high electricity flow that is more than the amount of resistance. 

  • Weak Headlight Relay

Headlights will only turn when there is a good relay. Both high beams and low beams can have a bad relay. 

The beam with a relay defect will not turn on, and thus you can actively identify the culprit. 

  • Faulty Dimmer Switch 

The dimmer switch is an essential component; the headlights’ functionality depends on it since electricity has to pass the dimmer switch to reach the headlights.

If there is an issue with the dimmer switch, the electricity will not pass on to the headlights, according to your command. This can cause them to not come on. 

  • Faulty Wiring Connection 

The headlight switch and dimmer switch are separated in the vehicle. 

Even when they are in excellent condition, the issue can arise if the wiring that connects both switches is damaged or faulty. 

If the wiring is faulty, there is no electricity supply, so your headlines will not turn on. 

Headlines Turn off When High Beams Turn On – How to Fix It? 

As we have discussed the possible causes of this issue, let us look at how we can resolve them and get back to regular operation. 

Read on to find out. 

  • If the issue is found in the bulbs, replace the bulbs with high quality. Low-quality bulbs are prone to many problems. Also, ensure you do not touch the bulbs directly with your bare hands. Use gloves when needed. Touch the other components, like the metal base, when installing. 
  • If the fuses are blown, the only option is to replace them. Inspect the fuse boxes under the hood and dashboard and identify the blown-out fuses. Unscrew them and replace them with new ones. This should solve the problem. 
  • A bad headlight relay can be fixed by substituting it with a new h4eadlight relay. It can involve a few steps that may need potential skills. You can seek professional assistance for the task, or if you are confident in your skills, you may do it yourself. 
  • The defective dimmer switch hindering the headlights’ operation must also be replaced to reactivate the functioning. You can do it yourself by detaching it from the steering column and replacing it with a new one. Remember to disable the SIR (supplemental inflatable restraint) system before proceeding to the action. 
  • If the wiring is faulty and found with issues, check with the electrical continuity to confirm it. Once you ensure it is the culprit, attempt to fix the problem in the wiring and check the functioning. If it still does not work, replace the wiring. It should work with that. 

Why do Headlights Turn On and Off? 

Sometimes your headlights can fall in between the issue by turning on and off constantly. 

What could be the reason behind this? Is it significant? 

Let us explain the cause. 

Headlights can malfunction like this when there is an overload on the switch. The load can result in the bulbs malfunctioning by turning on and off. 

If the issue continues, it can damage the bulb. It is best to fix the problem as soon as possible before it becomes even deep. 

You can resolve this issue by fixing the problem with the headlight switch. If the damage is severe, you will be unable to fix it and make it work again. 

In that case, purchase a new headlight switch and place it in instead of the faulty one. 

Upon clearing up things at the headlight switch, the issue will be resolved, and the headlight will start functioning correctly yet again. 

To avoid such issues, always opt for high-quality headlight bulbs. And make sure it is similar to what is prescribed by the manufacturer. 

(Mother knows her child the best; so does the manufacturer know his vehicle the best) 


Headlights can turn off when high beams are turned on due to many likely causes. Fortunately, identifying them and fixing them is relatively simple. So you can worry less by finding out the exact problem. You can set the issue and regain proper functioning. Always seek professional assistance if the procedure is relatively complicated.

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