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How Long does It Take to Change a Fuel Pump? – Guide

The vehicle’s engine running without any issues is one of the things that most individuals routinely overlook. Folks anticipate an engine to function even though it is a complicated machine with several working components. For the gasoline to burn and power an automobile, a functioning fuel pump is required. No matter what happens in the background when moving, the fuel moves from the fuel storage to the engine, where it ignites to power the vehicle. The possibility of the gas pump failing must get understood. It indicates that it needs repair or replacement. But how long does it take to replace a fuel pump? This guide will cover how long it requires to change a fuel pump and the many elements that might influence the time.

Quick Summary: Based on your vehicle’s type and technical skill, changing a gasoline pump might require a variety of durations. An hour or more will elapse if a mechanic changes the pump. Because you’ll have to find out how to replace the system and perform the execution, changing the pump yourself would require a little longer.

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Except for some earlier engine types seen on motorbikes, a fuel pump is the central aspect of practically all combustible engines. Additionally, the fuel pump features a fuel indicator for the center console that hovers on the gasoline tank. Perhaps outside the fuel container or right on it is where the fuel pump is situated. The pump is in charge of transferring fuel from the container to the fuel stream and the engine. In addition, before the gasoline is sent to the engine, the fuel canister filters out contaminants from the gasoline storage. So let’s look at how long does it take to change a fuel pump

How Long Does It Take to Change a Fuel Pump?

Because a fuel pump functioning properly is equivalent to a car motor operating at its best, it is crucial to repair the fuel pump as soon as possible. The time it takes to change a gasoline pump is not fixed and might vary depending on several factors. However, it might often take two to three hours to change it. Labor takes two hrs on normal, although it frequently takes significantly longer.

Changing the fuel pump is a challenging job that professionals can only do. It’s particularly true if your petrol tank is full. Additionally, the activity could be dangerous because gasoline is highly flammable. Thus, if you choose to perform it yourself, it is advised that you undertake the required precautionary measures. Additionally, keep a fire extinguisher close by. However, as you adhere to the exact instructions in the owner’s handbook, the entire replacing process is often not difficult. It could get completed with only basic tools.


Fuel pumps are frequently compromised, but they perform hard labor under difficult circumstances to keep your vehicle’s engine running. Choosing the right pump is more complicated than installing new pumps. In contemporary automobiles, the gasoline tank houses the engines and fuel pumps.

When changing the gasoline pump, they must be installed on the hatchback floor or behind the rear seat. Diesel fuel engines get equipped with two fuel pumps: a higher-pressure pumping mounted on the motor and a lifting pump installed within the fuel storage.


The cost of the documents might range from $95 to $854, while the labor fees could be between $124 and 260 dollars. These expenses change depending on the type of damage to the automobile and the motor that the fuel pump feeds. Based on the vintage and type of the car, replacing the gasoline pump might cost anywhere from $220 to $1000.


Issues During Replacement

It might be challenging for you and the professional to replace a gasoline pump. It is difficult since other paperwork in the automobile must initially be substituted for the fuel pump to be accessible. Due to the complexity of the entire repair procedure, mechanics may also run into issues when changing the fuel pump.

Fuel pumps get used to moving fuel via the fuel container to the engine’s fuel managing unit. The rails provide the pressure; the gasoline pumps induce a stream from the containers. A gasoline pump and fuel filtering are typically found together in modern automobiles. It signifies that fuel filtering must be changed together with a fuel pump.

The gasoline pumps are positioned near the engine compartment in earlier car versions, simplifying the procedure. However, current models require the removal of the gasoline container to access the fuel pump because the pump is housed inside the fuel pump. It makes the procedure difficult. So, compared to repairing gasoline pumps on earlier models, mechanics frequently encounter problems with current automobiles.

Benefits of Replacement

Although if your gasoline pump isn’t damaged, changing it has several advantages.

Increases Engine Life 

Another advantage of upgrading your gasoline pump is that your engine will last longer. Particles and dirt could infiltrate your engine due to the fuel pump wearing out. Serious engine damage and costly maintenance are possible consequences. You can prevent this kind of damage and maintain the proper functioning of your engine for many years by changing the fuel pump even before it breaks down.

Reduce Emission 

The fuel pump would not be in a position to provide the engine with the proper proportion of fuel as it ages. As a result, the air and fuel combination in the ignition chamber would be unbalanced. Your automobile will thus emit more pollutants than required. Your car will run cleaner and emit fewer pollutants if the fuel pump gets replaced.

Bottom Line

Now you know how long does it take to replace a fuel pump. So, without a gasoline pump, an automobile’s engine cannot function, and the vehicle will not move. It indicates that if the component gets broken, it requires special handling and quick repair. Except if the blockage is minor, fuel pumps often require replacements rather than repairs.

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