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How Much Does A Tractor Tire Weigh and How to Maintain It?

When you are on a long ride along Texas with large corn and wheat fields beside, you should see various types of tractors which are busy as bees making the soil for plantations, sowing or else pulling some machine that adds fertilizer to the whole acreages. Have you ever wondered how much does a tractor tire weigh seeing that large machinery alongside the roads. 

A tractor is a commonly used vehicle in farmlands from the beginning of the plantation to its final outcome. These machines are used in turning the soil into new cultivation, seeding, and maintenance activities like spreading fertilizer, lawn care by cutting the grass and bushes and harvesting by pulling various machines that perform the action. Thus, a tractor can be named the closest buddy for a farmer in the fields. 

How Much Does a Tractor Tire Weigh?

The tractor was invented by Charter Gas Engine Co. in 1889. From there onwards, tractors have been popular use not only in agriculture but also in the military, gardening, construction, and industries that use cranes to lift weights (Cranes attached to tractors lift weights easily), with many kinds of modifications.

How much does a tractor tire weigh is a question that needs to be answered with the size of the tractor. There are mainly five models that can be identified in tractors based on their terminology. We will do a quick background search on each type first.

Agricultural Tractors /Row Crop Tractors

The name was derived as this type is used in farmlands to seed in perfect rows. Not only seeding row crop tractors are efficient workers in fertilizing, maintenance and harvesting too. Devices are added to these during various functions, and the attachment does not need much work. The hose power lies in the range of 145- 250.

Another speciality here is the well-secured and comfortable cabin designed to protect the driver. 

Sub Compact Tractors

These four-wheel drives are the popular type in North America. The tractor weighed between 1400-1600 lbs without any additionally added components or machines. Sub compact tractors are of horsepower of 20-25. 

Compact Tractors

These are mainly used in fewer quantity farmlands than the ones with more acres and are with 40-60 horsepower. The overall weight is around 4000 lbs, with the ability to lift a maximum of 2000lbs. High demand for this type could be seen in nut fields and fruit-cultivated yards as the harvesting and trimming of the trees could be done using the same machine. 

Lawn Tractors, Including Mowers and Garden Tractors

The distinguishing feature of a lawn tractor is its mower under its deck used for cutting grass. These kinds of tractors are not used only for mowing purposes now. They have also developed to pull snowploughs, drag aerators, move garden carts etc. Thus, there are utility carts, mulching devices, spray machinery and riding covers were added when lawn tractors evolved from a mower to a garden tractors. 500 lbs is the average weight of a garden tractor.

Utility Tractors 

The 4-cylinder diesel engine is a distinct feature in this type that proceed with a horsepower of 40-100. These are more developed to use the technology of artificial intelligence at present. Utility tractors are used in heavy work like pulling ploughing machines and operate with a horsepower of 45-140. The average weight is around 2400 lbs.

Tractor Tyre Classification

Now you know that tractors are of different types and the wheel used varies according to the type. When selecting tyres of appropriate weight for your tractor, you must consider two factors.

  1. Powertrain of the tractor. – The collection of parts or devices that push the tractor forward. 
  2. Gross weight – This is the sum of the tractor’s weight when no load is attached and the maximum weight the tractor can pull.

When you select the tyre relating to these factors, you can achieve the maximum efficiency and the maximum performance of the engine. Tractor tyres are of four types according to weight. We have described the categories below.

Small Size

The average weight of a small tyre is about 300 pounds. Normally a small tyre is 17.5 feet wide and 25 feet in diameter.

Medium Size

The dimensions of a midsized tractor are 20.5 by 25 feet. That means the tyre is widened by 20.5 feet, and the diameter is 25 feet. The average weight is about 396 pounds, and this may sometimes increase according to the type of tractor.

Large Size

23.5 by 25 are the dimensions of a large-sized tractor wheel, and the wheel weighs about 450-650 pounds. But there are also tyres between 500-800 pounds range.

Extra-Large Size

The dimension of this kind are 26.5 by 25 feet, and the tyres weigh 1000 pounds each. That means the total weight of tyres is about 4000 pounds.

How to Maintain Your Tractor Tyres?

As of the first things in tyre care, you must check the pressure of your tractor tyres regularly and maintain an inflated tyre on recommended pressure levels. Because flatted tyres will wear more, and it will reduce the life span of your wheels. 

You must stop the tractor in a shed when at rest. This is because to avoid contact with the harmful UV rays of the sun.

Cleaning is also a rule-like thing when it comes to taking the maximum usage of tyres. Washing with mild liquid soap after every use is the advice for proper care. 

Regular checkups should also be done to identify any damage, fade or wear hidden from your eyes. If identified and treated early, the long-term effects of the damages can be reduced and avoided from becoming worse. 

There is a maximum weight that your tractor can drag. Never go over that limit. It affects badly with long-term use.


The weight of the tyres differs according to the type of tractor. If you go through the content of this article, you can find the tyre weights of the common tractor types together with the way to get the maximum work of your tyres until it covers their whole lifetime. 

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