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Toyota Highlander Snow Button: Taming Winter Roads

You are probably here to know about the snow button in the Toyota Highlander. So, what is this Toyota Highlander Snow Button? With the innovative moves, Toyota Highlander was updated often. It includes a spacious interior, a well-powered engine and impressive handling. And the Snow Mode is also there to make the performance of the vehicle even better! Snow button helps you to ride on slippery roads safely. Compared to performances in snowy conditions in Honda Civic, the Toyota Highlander Snow Button is superior. In this article, we’ll let you know about all the performances and advantages of the Snow Button on the Toyota Highlander.

What Is The Purpose Of The Snow Button In The Toyota Highlander?

The main purpose of the Toyota Highlander Snow button is to keep the vehicle safe on slippery roads and the undue spin of wheels in snowy or wet conditions. Moreover, in snow mode, your vehicle will be able to travel or ride balanced on icy and wet surfaces without wheel slippages.

Also, the snow button heats your car in freezing or cold weather conditions. This helps the passengers to travel comfortably and keep the windows and doors safe without malfunctioning because of the freezing. And if the windshield gets fogged up, activating the snow mode will prevent that from happening, and you will be safe to travel.

You don’t have to be feared of the speed of the vehicle in snow mode, as it helps the driver by generating more traction. But be careful not to reach speeds more often.

How Does The Snow Button Work On A Toyota Highlander?

The snow button on Toyota Highlander is located in the middle console of the vehicle. To activate the snow mode, you should press that button. When the car is in snow mode, it will display on the multi-information display as “SNOW.”

Once you press it, it will warm up the car. The heater is activated, and this warms the cabin, the front seats and the windshield about up to 40°F. And if you need to increase the temperature, hold the Snow mode button once you press it. When you get the preferred temperature, you can release the button. 

Benefits Of Using The Snow Button On A Toyota Highlander

There are a lot of benefits to using the snow button on a Toyota Highlander. We will briefly discuss them one by one.

  1. Safe riding

The most important benefit of the snow mode is the improving of traction of the grips on the wheels. This will give you a safe ride on slippery, wet, icy and snowy roads during those weather conditions. You will be able to control and balance your car without any slippage.

Moreover, the engine will automatically shift into second gear when Snow mode is activated. And that will help to reduce the wheelspins.

Also, you can see the front view clearly as this mode heats up the vehicle’s windshield, so there won’t be any fog. You can travel safely and soundly in your Highlander, even in the winter!

  1. Increased temperature

When the Snow mode is activated, your car will be warmed up interiorly. So you can travel comfortably in a warm environment.

  1. Prevent malfunctions of the frozen windows and doors.

If the doors and windows are stuck and frozen due to snow, the snow mode will help you to prevent it by heating them up. Then you can open and close the windows and doors easily without faults.

  1. Throttle Management.

As the snow mode optimizes the throttle of the car, you don’t need to be feared of the speed of the ride. This controls the wheel in slippery conditions without spinning and moving sideways. You will be able to have steady driving.

Benefits Of Using The Snow Button On A Toyota Highlander

How To Use The Highlander Snow Button?

As I mentioned before, you only have to press the snow button on the middle console. Then the snow mode of the car will be activated. If there is no snow button on the middle console of your vehicle, check the space between the gear shift and the cup holder of the car. There you will find it!

When To Use The Snow Button?

If the road you are traveling is snowy and icy, then you should activate the snow mode of your Highlander. That will protect you from the risk of having accidents. You can experience impressive wheel traction on slippery icy roads when you enable the snowy mode!

How Fast Can I Drive In The Heavy Snow With Snow Mode?

You can drive a maximum of between 90-120 mph range. If you have activated the snow mode, you don’t need to slow down the speed of your vehicle as it also manages the throttle system of the vehicle. When starting up the car, less torque will be transferred to the wheels in the snow mode. That will prevent the wheels from slipping, spinning and moving sideways.

Therefore, you are safe at your normal riding speed in the snow mode.

How Do You Turn Off Snow Mode On A Toyota Highlander?

It is easy to turn off the snow mode as well. You have to press the button again on the middle console that indicates “snow” to cancel or turn off the snow mode on a Toyota Highlander. Then the “SNOW’ sign which indicates the snow mode, will be off from the display. You will no longer be in snow mode.

Does Toyota Snow Mode Help With Ice?

Yes! Even though it is known as the Snow mode or Snow button, you can also use it on ice. When you feel unbalanced or slippery while driving on icy or wet roads, you can use the snow mode on your vehicle to ride safely without fearing getting into accidents.

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