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How To Bypass The Ford Pats System Without A Key – Full Guide

To make your car safer against theft, Ford created the PATS technology. Most of us view it as an inconvenience that makes it difficult to quickly replace the ignition key, which is why we search for workarounds. So you might be thinking about how to bypass the ford pats system without a key? You can use the Ford PATS system bypass without a key as a temporary remedy until you get a new transponder key. Bypassing the Ford PATS system is not difficult if you know what PATS does and how it works.

What Is The Ford’s Pat System?

Ford debuted its Passive Anti-Theft System (PATS) in 1996. It often gets referred to as Ford Securilock or just an engine immobilizer.

By requiring the use of the original key to start the vehicle, it serves as a deterrent to theft. It stops lock picking theft and ensures that even if the criminal had the same key as the original, they couldn’t start the vehicle.

The following elements make up the Ford PAT system:

  • A key fob with encryption
  • Module for a transceiver
  • Engine management system
  • Network communication protocol for the workplace
  • Detection of theft
  • Instrument group

A tiny chip within the programmed ignition key produces a distinctive RFID signal. The chip may last a lifetime and doesn’t require batteries.

How To Bypass The Ford Pats System Without A Key?

Is it realistic to presume that you are dissatisfied with losing the primary key or curious about how to use Ford PATS without needing a key? But you can unwind. We’ll review the methods you want to use to get around the Ford pats mechanism, mainly how to bypass the ford pats system without a key

Before we begin, remember that the following tips shouldn’t be a long-term solution. Doing so would leave your car vulnerable to potential car thieves. Till you receive a new transponder key, stay away from the Ford PTS system. We wholeheartedly concur, therefore follow these instructions to navigate the Ford PATS system:

The First Step

Before we get started, there are a few basics you need to understand about the system. Try to get everyone to read the remainder of the content so that you may utilize the accompanying items to benefit from the pats method.

To access the keys inside, use a flathead screwdriver. Use anything with a very straight edge if you don’t have a screwdriver. Get another set of keys that have been cut to mirror the original set. It would be best if you had tape to hang the genuine key once the transponder got taken out.

Keys cut

How will you figure out how to bypass the Ford PATS system? The vital thing you should do is have the local seller cut the keys. The replacement keys will match the actual key if the keys get cut. Similarly, you may start the motor by safely inserting the key inside of the starter. You won’t need the chip key to start the car anymore.

The keys won’t get programmed. We’ll use the new keys to deceive the system into believing you should start the engine with the transponder key. More details about this get provided below. To use them until further notice, ensure you have all the keys cut.

Take Out The Transponder of Ford

The transponder’s chip has to get removed when the keys get cut. The key’s chip informs the automobile that you unquestionably own the first key and are authorized to approach the actual vehicle. Undoubtedly, the issue we’re trying to avoid is that even without the chip, you won’t be able to start the car. Use these techniques to get rid of the chip:

  • Get yourself a flathead screwdriver.
  • The top of the key has a square right there.
  • Use the flathead screwdriver to attempt entry.
  • When going inside the key, try not to use too much force because doing so will shatter the key.
  • Continue removing the transponder from the key after inserting the screwdriver.

By removing the transponder first from the key that is most important to you, you have made significant progress. You can utilize the new keys you just bought with the transponder.

Bypass PATS of Ford

The replacement keys got cut to resemble genuine keys and the transponder form of the original key. You may go ahead with how to bypass the ford pats system without a key and circumvent the Ford PATS system by the following methods:

  • So that the car can read the chip, place the transponder near the ignition.
  • Place the new key in the ignition to start the car.
  • You might need to give it a few attempts before figuring out how to position the transponder so it can get read easily.
  • Once you’ve found the right location, tape the transponder to the ignition.
  • You can keep doing so for as much as you choose now that you have successfully avoided the Ford PATs. But if you leave the transponder there, anybody with a key may take your car.

Final Thought

That is all we currently know about Ford Pats System Bypass Without Key. To continue, here are some remarkable ideas you will find helpful for getting around the Ford PATS program on your own. The first thing you should do is remove the battery, take out and replace the driver’s seat, and then start the car again. If it starts, the PATS module is the source of the problem.

Finding out how to turn off the Ford PATS technology doesn’t take much time or effort, and you can also do it yourself. If you can’t find a transponder key for the car, overriding the Ford PATS system can be helpful.

You won’t need to pay for new transponder keys if you use this technique. Even though it isn’t the safest method of having a key, you may occasionally use it to spend more money on a single key for the automobile.

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