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C63 vs C63s – Which One Dominates the Road?

The Mercedes c63 is a very powerful and authentic AMG variant of the Mercedes C-class. The automobile’s “s” variant, the c63s, was recently tweaked to be substantially stronger than the normal model. We will discuss the key distinctions among the Mercedes “c63 vs c63s” in this post.

We’ll be evaluating the performance as well as horsepower that both of these cars can provide to the road for this comparison. The outcomes will then be explained in more detail. Let’s get going.

Review of the Mercedes C63

2008 saw the initial release of the outstanding performance car, the AMG C63. It is propelled by a V8 engine which has a 6.3-liter capacity.

The motor has a maximum output of 451 hp and 443 lb-ft in performance. The C63 can reach 60 mph in under 4.0 seconds and is offered in both sedan as well as coupe form types.

The initials “AMG” refer to Aufrecht, Melcher, as well as Großaspach, three prominent German engineers that established the business in 1967.

The engine’s liter-based capacity is indicated by the number “63”. In other words, the 6.3-liter V8 engine found in the AMG C63 gives it the status of a powerful car.

People who seek a high-performance car that is nonetheless reasonably priced frequently choose the C63.

It provides excellent value for the price and is a superb option for both weekend circuit sessions and regular driving.

Summary of the Mercedes C63s

The C class’s best-performing variant is designated “S” for the special version. It is a Mercedes-AMG sports-oriented high-performance vehicle that is based on the Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG.

The Mercedes-AMG C63 S continues AMG’s tradition of cramming insane engines into practical vehicles. While plug-in hybrids and fuel-efficient diesel are available for the basic C-Class, the C63 S’s powertrain is unquestionably opulent.

The C63 S only comes with a rear-wheel-drive system and comes with an ordinary nine-speed automatic transmission, although possessing a 503bhp engine under the hood that might potentially cause traction problems.

According to the variant, the highest speed may reach 180 mph, which is unsurprisingly eye-widening velocity.

Don’t worry if you’re concerned that the C63 S is only a sports vehicle for a beautiful Sunday trip.

It may be ordered in any of the body types that the Mercedes C-Class arrives in as the norm, so there are saloon plus estate options for people who like practicality as well as coupé along with convertible options to suit those who aren’t.

What Distinguishes a Mercedes C63 from a C63S?

The engines are the key distinction between the AMG 63 as well as 63s. In comparison to the 63s, the AMG 63 boasts a 6.3-liter V8 engine.

The two engines are quite strong, although the 63s are significantly more potent. The cost is the other significant distinction. The AMG 63 seems a tiny bit less expensive than the 63s.

The Mercedes-Benz C-class lineup now consists of sedans, coupes, family wagons, plus cabriolets (convertibles), most of which come with the C63 S trim level.

What Distinguishes a Mercedes C63 from a C63S

The C63 S comes in at $74,000 USD, or $7000 more than the C63’s base pricing of $67,000 since it sits slightly higher than the C63 trim.

The C63 S has the identical 4.0L biturbo V8 that powers the regular C63, but it has been tweaked to produce 510 HP, an increase of 34 HP over the C63’s 476 HP.

Unexpectedly, the C63 S has a 3.8-second 0-60 time, which is 0.2 seconds lower when compared to the non-S C63’s 3.6-second pace to 60 MPH. The additional luxury features on the S variant make it heavier and less performance-enhancing.

Simply said, the C63 S represents a $7000 improvement for the C63 that gives it a more intimidating appearance and adds a little more luxury.

C63 vs C63s

Mercedes’ C63s is a tweaked variant of the ordinary C63, which is the primary distinction between the two models. The C63s has 34 more horsepower than its normal sister (c63), with 510 HP beneath its bonnet.


Despite this speed differential, the 0-60 time between the S as well as non-S versions is remarkably similar to the other at 3.8 as well as 3.6 seconds, respectively. The 4.0L Bi-turbo powerplant is identical in both variants, but the S version’s chassis and powerplant are more finely tuned.


The C63s’ initial distinguishing feature is its red or yellow measuring instruments, as opposed to the grey or black counterparts seen on the C63.


The C63S has different seats as well. Compared to regular sports seats, bucket-style sports seats featuring metal accents are substantially more comfortable.

While the regular C63 seats are pleasant and more opulent than a typical C-class seat, these also provide additional assistance and are more appropriate for driving with vigor.


The C63s feature a larger intercooler, which keeps the engine from overheating and ultimately enhances power and fuel economy.

Motor Mounts

The c63s has an electronic motor mount system, which contributes to its engine operating more smoothly. While the conventional engine mounting brackets in the normal C63 function just as well, they pale in comparison to the digital engine mounting.


The C63s’ chassis is stronger and provides greater performance than the baseline model. This is due to the digital slip joint that they employ, which enhances traction and handling, particularly while operating a vehicle on a track.

Although the manually operated differential in the regular C63 performs just as well, it is not as sophisticated as the digital differential.

C63s or C63s: Which is Superior?

One of the most remarkable performance automobiles on the market right now is the Mercedes-AMG C63, along with the C63S. Both are excellent options for anybody searching for a high-performance car since they both provide exceptional acceleration, dealing, and braking.

It totally hinges on what you’re searching for. The C63S remains the greatest option if you need the very best efficiency. For those searching for a powerful vehicle that is yet reasonably priced, the C63s is a fantastic option.

Twin-turbo V8 motor with 469 hp as well as 479 lb-ft of performance is what it is powered with. The C63, though, could be a better choice if you’re seeking a bit more laid-back driving style.

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