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Pint X vs XR – Which Onewheel Should You Go For?

Pint is a one-wheel model, a self-balancing, single-wheel, electric board. This one Wheel is a known transport mode and a recreational action. One Wheel is also considered an electric skateboard and personal recreational transporter. The model of one Wheel is quite contrary to a unicycle considering the rider’s body and feet pointing at a perpendicular angle to the Wheel and to the direction of travel. Thus the acknowledgment of One Wheel can be developed into the acknowledgment of their later and newest models like pint x and XR. Hence we will discuss the battle of Pint X vs Xr in the modern market.

What are the Pint X and XR?

PintX and Xr, as mentioned earlier, are the later and newest models of one-wheel: self-balancing, single-wheel electric board. Ben Smither 2007 invented a device similar to One Wheel, and later Future Motion Inc, founded by Kyle Doerksen, invented a commercialized one, the Wheel, for the market.

After that, one Wheel became a recreational activity admired by many teenagers and even senior citizens. Future Motion Inc was first located in Mountain View, California, then moved its headquarters to Santa Cruz, California. Then we will discuss the one-wheel models.

The original model is “onewheel”.Then the models “onewheel+” and “onewheel+XR” came to life. One wheel+Xr was introduced in 2018 with a range of (20-20km)and a top speed of 19mph.

However, in 2021, onewheel+Xr was discontinued to favor the marketing of the Wheel GT.then the pint x came to life in October 2021, which has a top speed of 18 mph.

What is the Difference Between Pint X and XR?

Pint X is just Xr elevated with a bit much rate and speed. We will elaborate on this statement as we dig further into the difference between Pint X and XR.first of all, we will consider the specification of one wheel pint x.the specifications are,

  • Range – (19-29km)Top speed- 18mph 
  • Full charge time – 225 minutes
  • Motor- 750 hyper core hub motor
  • Tire – 10.5in* 4.5- 6in
  • Availability of pin light bar
  • No custom shaping is available

Keeping these specifications in mind, we’ll share a glance at the specification of onewheel+XR. The specifications are,’

  • Range – (12-18 miles)
  • Top speed – (19mph/30km)
  • Full charger time – 100 minutes
  • Motor – 750-watt hyper core motor
  • Tire – 11.5in*6.5-6 in
  • Custom shaping

Thus, by sharing glances at the specification of Pint X and Xr, you could come to the obvious conclusion in which onewheel+Xr stands out even though it was invented in 2018.

The Onewheel+xr is now going backward in the trending market to create space for Onewheel GT. Therefore has an Onewheel+xr stan; I invite you to purchase one Wheel XR .

You would be one of those who will enjoy the assets of a potential vintage one wheel model.

Which One is More Comfortable to Ride: Pint X or XR?

Comfortability solely depends on the state of mind that you are in, even if it is about riding a pint X or XR. This so-called “state of mind” will only be comprehended by identifying your skill to ride Onewheel.

Suppose you are comfortable riding offroad on severe terraces. In that case, onewheel+Xr will be your best choice, depending on its accessories and high speed.

On the other hand, if you are a daily commuter, wheel pint X will be the best choice depending on its agile handling, easiness of turning in corners, lightweight, etc.; thus, to choose the best choice. First, you must acknowledge yourself.

which one offers better off road capabilities pint x or xr

Which One Offers Better Off-road Capabilities: Pint X or XR?

Here we are again. The direct answer to your flaming unquenched question is onewheel+Xr. The best option for offroading is still the onewheel+Xr, even though many more new models have newer features.

Onewheel+Xr, an older model created and highly marketed in 2018, still functions the best in the road market. This model allows the rider a high speed and a great range with a quick recharge duration(100 minutes).

Moreover, the Onewheel+Xr provides additional accessories like fenders, bumpers, and foot pads. This model is also a bulkier and heavier model with one Wheel, which makes the durability and longevity of the device over harsh offroading surfaces. 

How Do the Pint X and XR Compare in Terms of Price?

Discussing cost and money investments is vital in the modern world as we move forward in the ever-lasting competitive market that affects a potential client’s mind. Thus the price points of one-wheel models should be in the acknowledged data list for you to purchase the right device.

However, our misfortune is that for 2023, the future motion has stopped the production of Onewheel+Xr, which was up on the market until 2023 for $1800. Then the Pint X is now on the market for ($1400) without the charges, which will be added for additional customer features.

Is Pint X Faster than Pint? 

Pint is the first model that future motion Inc invented after the prominent model: onewheel+Xr. However, Pint has a range of (9.5-13km) with a top speed of 16mph.

Moreover, the Pint has the feature of a LED light display that indicates the battery status—now considering the Onewheel Pint X model invented in October 2021.

This model has a top speed of 18mph, an additional two mph higher than the original Pint.

It might not look like a lot, but I guarantee you will feel a vast difference when traveling long distances. Thus, it is evident that pint x is faster than the original.

Do Pint and XR have the Same Charger?

Pint and Xr do not have the same charger because the models carry very different ports, which can be connected to different cables and codes. Thus, this difference makes using the same charger on a pint and XR difficult. The same applies to accessories. We cannot use the same accessories for both models due to the port difference. However, the mother company has introduced many charger options for both models. The options are,

  • Pint charger – 63V -1.3A
  • Pint ultra charger- 63V- 3A
  • XR home charger – 63V- 3A
  • XR Car charger – 63V- 1.6A
  • Xr hyper charger – 63V – 6.5 A

Which One should you Choose: Pint X or XR?

As mentioned earlier, preferences can vary according to your acknowledgments and state of mind. One should always choose onewheel+Xr due to the wide distance of larger pads.

The handles that are available in the Xr model are much steadier and handier than the Maghandle. However, fair warning, the handle taste is up to your preference.

No matter what, even if you choose the XR model, it is a misfortune as, for 2023, the company has ceased its production.

Therefore, considering the speed increment, you could choose the pint x model over the original one.

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