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Can you Recycle Brake Rotors? (Ways to Repurpose or Dispose)

Yes. Brake rotors can be recycled. The brake systems of modern cars have brake pads, callipers and brake rotors. With time these components may rust and wear off. As you all know, it is a must to maintain the brake system in good condition to avoid many accidents. Brake rotors are more durable than brake pads but also need to replace when they can no longer be used. Can you recycle brake rotors? Yes, you can recycle and reuse them. Brake rotors are usually made with an alloy from aluminium and iron or cast iron. Therefore, it is possible to recycle them. However, have you guessed that you need to replace the brake rotors? Here, we’ll provide you with information on recycling brake rotors. 

What Are Brake Rotors Made Of?

You may think that with the rapid development of every industry in the world, they have methods to recycle all industrial materials. But still, some materials are destined to be land-filled. However, it is a good thing that brake rotors are made with recyclable materials.

Mainly the vehicle brake rotors are made with cast iron. The reasons to use cast iron are it is durable and strong. Also, cast iron is able to withstand the stress which acts upon brake rotors and heat. Besides cast iron, some vehicles use rotors made from alloys containing iron; aluminium and iron. They are also strong and last long.

For vehicles that perform well under intense driving circumstances like higher speeds, manufacturers use carbon fibre or ceramic to tolerate higher speeds and withstand the high-temperature conditions.

And to your knowledge, remember that all these mentioned materials are recyclable when they are worn out.

Can you Recycle Brake Rotors?

Yes, you can recycle brake rotors. Brake rotors are durable, so you won’t have to replace the old or worn-off brake rotors often. But when they are worn out, you have to replace them, and you can recycle the used brake rotors.

As a disposing method for these metals, it is best to recycle them because that method is environmentally friendly. If not, they will cause landfilling when thrown them out. Since these are heavy materials, you should recycle them separately from other household items. And like some other metals, brake rotors don’t need unique methods in recycling because they are made with metals which are little or no harmful materials.

Check with your recycling centre to see whether they have any options for recycling your brake rotors before transporting them. If they don’t have such conditions, you need to use alternative techniques to recycle your metallic garbage.

Therefore, you might need a recycling locator to locate the closest facility that will accept brake rotors for recycling.

Also, before giving your brake rotors for recycling, check their condition and whether it is ok to recycle them or if you can use your brake rotors for a little while longer.

Finally, before recycling, remove the non-metallic components and prepare them for proper recycling.

Benefits of Recycling Brake Rotors

There are several benefits of recycling brake rotors.

  1. Recycling the brake rotors will help in the disposal of waste. Used brake rotors and metals that are not recycled cause landfills and take up space while polluting the environment. So, by recycling these, we can lessen the waste and contribute to protecting the environment.
  2. Also, this help in conserving natural resources. The metal used to build up brake rotors are non-renewable resource. When recycling these reduces the demand for newly manufactured metals, and it will help to conserve natural resources.
  3. You can save energy by recycling the brake rotors because manufacturing new brake rotors consumes a lot of energy. Therefore, you don’t need to manufacture new brake rotors when the old ones are recycled. In addition, it lowers the emission of greenhouse gases and aids in the fight against climate change.
  4. Recycling brake rotors boost the economy and provide jobs. Also, the users who sell their old brake rotors can earn some amount of money when they hand over the metals to a recycling centre. We can promote the recycling sector and add jobs by recycling brake rotors.

How to Recycle Brake Rotors?

You can take old brake rotors to the recycling or rubbish facility in your neighbourhood if you’re merely trying to free up some space in your garage.

  1. Choose the recycling centre or location that is most convenient for you. You can inquire about one of these locations at your local municipal or town hall.
  2. When you fill up your vehicle with brake rotors, give them a call to be sure they will accept the brake rotors.
  3. Lay down something, such as flattened empty boxes made out of cardboard, where you’re going to install the rotors to prepare your automobile. Your vehicle will be protected from harm if you do this.
  4. Then bring used brake rotors to the recycler.
  5. Ask a staff member where and how to put them when you get there. According to how they handle the resources and sort them, rules change from centre to centre. The items they use may occasionally undergo significant damage if the brake rotors are placed in the incorrect container.

What Can I Do with Old Rotors and Pads?

What Can I Do with Old Rotors and Pads

Normally, recycling items should be your first option for garbage disposal. But, it seems to be smarter to make an effort to reuse them rather than recycle them.

You can use them as wall lampstands. Stick the brake rotor to the wall by using a strong adhesive and screw the lamp holder to it. There you get a creative lamp for your house!

Edgy wall clocks are another way to use old rotors and pads. Attach a small clock into the hollow section of the rotor and bind them together with a strong adhesive.

You can get a creative grill from your used rotors and pads. Find some iron rods with the same length and attach them to the rotor to make a grill. Decorate your grill using brake pads.

And also, you can make flower pots and tool organizers using old rotors and pads. You have to arrange the rotors and brake pads in order to make those creative ornaments and use a strong adhesive to bind them when needed. Watch videos from YouTube if you get confused about how to DIY.

Watch this video,

Video Credits – WOW DIY

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