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How to Reset Pioneer Head Unit? (Advanced Tips for Reset)

We normally tend to reset our pioneer head unit when we face certain issues related to our head unit software or our head unit bugs and glitches. The most common issues we reset for include updates of the unit’s firmware installation, when the stereo is blank or black, when the unit seems to be unresponsive to the buttons, or when the stereo is acting up with weird noises when we play the music. We sometimes reset when the stereo doesn’t connect to Bluetooth, either.

In this article, we will discuss why isn’t your pioneer head unit working, why you would want to reset the unit, what the reset button does in the car stereo and how to reset pioneer head unit, etc. 

Why Isn’t My Pioneer Head Unit Working?

Our pioneer head unit wouldn’t work sometimes. It isn’t easy to find why it’s acting weird and not responding. Below we are giving you some of the ideas why it wouldn’t work for you. So might be able to resolve the issue easily in no time.

  1. A very common problem it isn’t working could be a blown fuse. You could check for it by removing the fuse and replacing it with a fuse of the same amp rating and also radio power.
  2. Sometimes the head unit wouldn’t work when the ignition isn’t put in the ACC position or when the motor is not switched on. This is because the ACC position will send power to the radio.
  3. The stereo will go into anti-theft mode if our car battery dies while the radio is on. So, we have to use the code given in our instruction manual to reset the head unit to function like a normal radio.
  4. The stereo will also lose power when we are driving on bumpy roads. It happens when the main power cable is loose. Ensure you tighten the clamp around it to properly connect the cable to the battery.
  5. The loose connections to the head unit wiring could sometimes cut the power to the head unit. The ground wire could end up being loose, causing trouble.
  6. Sometimes the speaker wire doesn’t work, too; It happens when the speaker wire isn’t connecting to the wiring harness properly.
  7. The problem could also be due to the volume in your head unit being turned down or on mute. It could also be due to the Bluetooth not being connected or the face plate not being inserted correctly.

Why Do you Want to Reset Pioneer Head Unit?

We have several reasons why we might need to reset the pioneer head unit to work, different problems in the head unit are solved with different approaches, and there are some factors that could simply be solved with a simple reset.

  1. The head unit will lock itself for precaution against theft when we disconnect the battery for other maintenance; at this time, the reset of our head unit will unlock the stereo.
  2. The head unit will also need a reset when we have updated the firmware of our head unit or when we have installed new firmware for the stereo to function normally.
  3. The stereo will stop working when there are bugs and glitches in the software installed inside the head unit. During this kind of trouble, we normally fix it by resetting the system.
  4. Other common issues include problems with Bluetooth connectivity failure, audio settings-related issues, and other navigation functionalities-related troubles.

What does a Reset Button Do on a Car Stereo?

The reset button on your car’s stereo will actually allow you to reset your stereo when you have trouble with the head unit that isn’t working properly. Pressing the reset button will bring the controls and settings of the stereo to their original functionalities. When the reset button is pressed, your stereo will have all its clock settings and stored contents erased, bringing the stereo back to how it was when you bought it for the first time.

How to Reset Pioneer Head Unit?

Different types of pioneer head unit models have different ways to reset. We will provide you with a step-by-step guide to reset each one of the head units.

  • How to Rest Pioneer DEH Head Unit?

  1. The first step is to send the unit to sleep mode by long pressing the SRC button. And the next step is to get the menu option on display. For this, you will have to press and hold the selector button for a second or two. Make sure you get to see ‘initial’ on display.
  2. Now turn on the selector button again to factory reset and push it to confirm settings. Now the head you will restart and be back to functioning normally.
  • How to Reset the Pioneer AVH NEX Head Unit?

  1. The first step is to tap on the gear icon, which you can find at the top right of your screen. Make sure to also select the screwdriver and wrench icon. We call it the tools icon.
  2. Then keep scrolling until you find the restore settings. Click on it to reset the head unit to its factory reset mode. Wait a few seconds for the factory reset, and you will see to fix the personal settings thereafter.
  • How to Reset the 2 Din Pioneer Head Unit?

  1. The first step is to remove the head unit from its brackets and to take the plastic panels off of the sides. Do it by simply unplugging the wire underneath the right of the stereo after removing the wires and the panels. Try and find the small hole which is found at the bottom of the unit.
  2. Using a needle or any other thin object, press on the reset button for a few seconds or until the display is blank, after which you can get the ‘initial’ on your screen by holding the SRC button.
  3. Now make sure to push the selector to confirm your factory reset.
  • How to Reset a DEH Model with No Touchscreen Display?

  1. Let the screen go black or blank by pressing and holding the SRC button. And then, press hold on to the ‘menu’ button for about a few seconds and select ‘initial’ by turning the control dial on. When you confirm, the head unit will restart by resetting.

What Happens After you Reset Pioneer Head Unit?

When you reset your pioneer head unit, the settings will come back to their default. All the changes you made to the unit would be gone. There will be a restoration of factory default settings; all that you have stored or saved will be gone, and some of the settings, like the date and time, should be re-entered again, etc. When the reset is done, it helps with the smooth performance of your head unit by proper functionalities being placed.

What Happens After you Reset Pioneer Head Unit

Pioneer Radio Won’t Let Me Restore Settings, Why?

The pioneer radio won’t restore when the problem lies somewhere else, like the hardware components of the radio. We normally try restoring the radio settings by using our reset button for issues related to the software or bugs and glitches. But for other issues related to a blown fuse or wiring and button wear and tear, the rest wouldn’t be ideal or effective. We will have to check for the manual or get the radio checked for components and parts repairs.

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