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Ceramic Coating and Scratch Resistance: What You Need to Know

All car enthusiasts will pay any price to install a permanent layer of protection around their car. However, the myth about a protection layer is the “permanent” part that usually involves narrating a colossal tall story. Ceramic coating provides a shield of security that has also been projected as a vast tall story as the industry has always quoted ceramic coating with hypocritical promises. Nevertheless, ceramic coating is a structure built to provide extra protection to your car’s nude body and the painted surface. Thus it is vital to acknowledge the answer to the question: “Does ceramic coating protect from scratches?”

What is the Ceramic Coating?

A ceramic coating is a semi-permanent auto-body protection shield made of silicon dioxide. As popularly mentioned, this coating technique is not any heavenly casted permanent protective layer. We must acknowledge that “permanency” is a fantasy as we go through life. However, it can protect your vehicle’s surface from the finest scratches tree saps, bug guts, and bird excrement would make.

The ceramic coating stands in a unique position as it forms a firm bond with your dainty vehicle’s surface, making it easier to maintain with fewer reapplications and polishing. We can use this method on top of paint protection film, a vehicle wrap or wheels, trim, and glasses.

How does Ceramic Coating Protect the Paint?

Ceramic coating, as mentioned earlier, comes with startling advantages for your car and the coat of paint you decided to run over it by spending a large sum of money. These advantages resonate with the driver’s intentions towards their car. You expose your vehicle to foreign environments daily, and these environments may have various components that harm the paint layer of your vehicle. Hence, the coating provides extra protection to your paint from those components. Ceramic coating is a nemesis for oxidation, fading, and chemical staining. The Ceramic coating acts as a shield for UV rays that cyclically helps to avoid oxidation.

What Causes Scratches on Car Paint?

Many causes for car scratches will break your heart into pieces. To prevent those causes, you must be aware of these original causes. Therefore we are here to provide you with the binary information. The first fact that causes scratches is the weather. Extreme conditions of temperature can cause such hazards. Even a look at your car will be a headache. Salt accumulations from coastal areas and direct and intense sunlight exposing your vehicle to UV rays can eventually cause scratches. Then comes the worst enemy of parked cars.

Bird feces that will fall from the sky like a little drop of rain will lead to millions of tiny scratches on your vehicle. Did you know even your cleaning procedure can cause scratches? Thus, there are better choices than coarse cleaning liquids and rough textured cleaning clothes. Lastly, the most apparent causes of blemishes are nonscheduled road accidents, head-on collisions, and vehicle rollovers.

Can Ceramic Coating Prevent Scratches?

Ceramic coating and its benefits are often misused as a marketing strategy by retailers and ceramic coating companies. Such lies include the stigma saying, “Ceramic coating is scratch resistance.” However, this coating method doesn’t provide any promise of scratch-proof protection. You will believe it is scratch-proof as you view your car inside the garage or under natural shade. The ceramic coating will protect your vehicle from tiny scratch marks like swirl marks and marrings.

They can be easily constructed through any rough and direct appliance. However, this protection does not mean ceramic coating provides the best scratch-resistance protection ever. Hence it is safe to say that the so-called marketing prophecy stating that “ceramic coating is scratch proof” is a fantasy, and as much as it provides an extra layer of protection to your car’s paint. You must pay attention to other scratch marks.

Can Ceramic Coating Prevent Scratches?

Are all Ceramic Coatings Created Equal?

Ceramic coating, as mentioned earlier, is presented to the market in a fake pedestal. This strategy works very well, considering the number of buyers there are. It is safe to say all ceramic coats are not made the same. There are two leading coatings named professional-graded ceramic coating and consumer-grade ceramic coating. The professionally graded ceramic coating is thick, almost like superglue textured.

These coatings need multiple curing to finally reach the desired look of longevity and durability. It is also on the pricier end. However, the consumer-grade coating is single-application layered, providing little longevity or durability promise, yet it is a cheaper option.

How to Apply Ceramic Coating to your Car?

Applying a ceramic coating to your car involves having a set of skills like patience and cleanliness. Ceramic coating is made ideal for vehicles and not for human skin. Thus you must wear gloves, a long-sleeved T-shirt, and trousers. Ceramic coating is not something to breathe in continuously; therefore, you must wear a mask or an air ventilator. Another important thing you should know is that the application will take about 4 hours and 24 hours to curate it. As the first step, you must clean your car and dry your car completely.

If you do not wash your vehicle and remove all the dust and dirt, you will lock them inside with the ceramic coating. Finally, you are going to apply the coating. Grab the coating and apply the coating to the applicator as directed. Applying this applicator, apply the coating to the vehicle’s surface, ensure you work in small parts, and apply straight lines. After the appliance, let the coating remain for 30 – 90 seconds as directed. Then take a microfiber towel and wipe off the coating. Let your application curate for 24 hours. Voila, you are good to go!

Tips for Maintaining Ceramic Coating?

Even the most expensive ceramic coating will go to waste if you give up on caring for it. You must keep a close eye on your layer after it is done. If you get it done professionally, you should follow what the professionals say to maintain as a child follows his mum no matter what. If not, you’ll be the one who’s due great suffering in no time at all. You must use the advised cleaning soap, drying aid, or clear spray as frequently as they tell you to. Playing it by the book will be the best choice that you have.

Furthermore, the ceramic coating does not mean you don’t need to rewash your car. You must wash your car when it is required. Escorting the advice of a professional will be the most ingenious tip to maintain your coating. Therefore you must acknowledge that maintenance is as essential as the application.

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