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Does Tint Fade? (The Truth about Window Tint Fading)

Window tint is an important part of your car window because it helps to reduce UV radiation and sun glare while facilitating to secure your privacy. Since they have to face direct sun rays, the window tints can discolor over time. Thus, it does not look as good as it was. Does tint fade? Yes, over time, the car window tint can fade due to the climate, its low quality, etc. Today, we hope to discuss those reasons in detail, plus how you should maintain the tint to save its color for a long time.

What Causes Window Tint to Fade? 

These are the potential causes of window tint fading. You will be able to understand what the reason for your window tint to fade is.

  • The Climate

The climate is the major reason for the window film to change its original color over time. If you live in a hot area, your car windows often face harsh sun rays. Then the tint can fade faster. Usually, the window tint comes in dark colors. And it absorbs and reflects the sunlight; thus, ultraviolet rays can break down its chemical bond and fade the tint. The excessive heat might gradually wear the adhesive of the film, and it may cause bubbling or peeling as well.

  • Type of the Window Tint

There are different types of window tints, such as ceramic, carbon, dyed films, etc. The quality of the film varies from one material to the other. If you use a low-quality, cheap film, it can fade quickly and vice versa. Mostly, dye-based window films fade or turn a purple color. And also, you need to choose an experienced installer in order to have the best outcome.

  • Aged Vehicles 

If you use an old vehicle, the window tint may be an old dye-based film. They will not protect the color of the tint properly like current technologically-improved films. Thus, over time, the film can fade.

How Long does Window Tint Last Before Fading? 

The lifespan of the window tint totally depends on the quality of the window tint and how you maintain it. In the market, ceramic and carbon window films are high-quality ones, so if you choose one of them, you can expect that the good condition of the window tint will last for 5 to 10 years.

Most high-end films come with a warranty period, too; thus, you are able to get the film replaced if there is an early issue. But these materials are a bit pricy.

If you wish to use hybrid window films, it will be a good choice because they also can last up to 10 years. And also, metallic tints are a kind of durable window film; if you properly maintain the windows, the film is able to last up to 5 years.

In contrast, there are some cheaper materials in the market. They can only last for a few months. Especially the dye-based ones cannot stay on the window for a long time without fading.  

Can Window Tint Fading Be Prevented? 

Yes, you can! First of all, you need to check the material you are going to use for the window tint. As we discussed above, ceramic, carbon, metallic or hybrid window films can last for a long time. Therefore, you have to find a professional installer who uses these materials for window tinting.

Some window tint in the market does not come with a do-it-yourself label; you should definitely visit their professional service stations to get the job done.

The next part is yours; you can prevent fading as long as you maintain the windows properly. Refer to the below section to know how to maintain the fading.

Can Window Tint Fading Be Prevented

How to Maintain Window Tint to Prevent Fading? 

  • Try to keep your vehicle away from direct sunlight as much as possible. If you live in a sunny area, always park the vehicle in a garage or use a car cover whenever you do not use it. When you have to park the car outside, try to find a shady spot too. If your window tint is a dye-based one, try to avoid using it on hot days.
  • When you clean the windows, always do it in the correct way. Do not wash or roll down the windows when the tint is installed for the first time. Wait 7 to 14 days till it fully cures. The waiting time may vary, so you need to find out the exact time period from the installer. After that, you can clean using some mild window cleaners and a soft microfiber towel. Do not use any harsh chemicals (ammonia-based cleaners), alcohol and harmful tools for cleaning. Avoid using scrapers or blades to remove debris on the windows too.
  • Always try to choose a high-quality material, especially if you live in a sunny area, then it will last for a longer period of time.

What to Do When Window Tint Fades? 

You can remove or replace the window tint if it has become too faded. First of all, you need to visit a professional tint installer to assess the condition of the tint properly. Then he or she will determine how much the window tint has been damaged. Accordingly, the installer will decide what to do.

If the fading has begun within the warranty period, you can request a re-installation from the manufacturer.

When replacing the window tint, first, the old tint should be removed. It is not recommended to use sharp tools to remove the tint because they can scratch the glass. A heat tool, like a heat gun, can be used to melt the glue on the tint.

Next, the installer has to measure the windows to cut the pieces of window film. After that, the tint can be installed. When the new window film is installed, the installer should be subtle to avoid any bubbles or wrinkles.  

Thus, this procedure needs some prior experience and knowledge in order to achieve the best outcome. Therefore, do not try to replace the tint at home if you are not a professional.

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