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Does Valvoline Do Car Inspections? Everything You Need to Know!

Maintenance is key to keeping your car healthy and less from defects; a car inspection can do the job best to ensure your car is in the best state. Inspecting your car is often useful to ensure your car is safe to ride without defects. However, selecting the best automotive service for car inspection can be challenging, but Valvoline comes in handy. Valvoline is one of America’s most popular automotive services companies, best known for manufacturing automotive oils, additives and lubricants. It might make you question whether does Valvoline do car inspections. If you are still determining, does Valvoline do car inspections? The good news is yes! Valvoline does provide car inspection services that help you to identify if there are any issues. If you want to learn more about whether does Valvoline do car inspections, stick to the article and read until the end.

What does Valvoline Car Inspection Include?

The Valvoline car inspection will examine if your car is in good health and detect the vehicle’s issues. It runs a complete inspection to ensure your car is safe to drive without serious issues. The end of the Valvoline car inspection will help you identify the defect, faulty systems to be fixed, and auto parts to be replaced. But what is included in the inspection? Hence the Valvoline car inspection accordingly includes,

  1. Fluid in Automatic Transmissions
  2. Power steering Fluid
  3. Washer fluid
  4. Antifreeze/coolant
  5. Tire pressure
  6. Air filter ‘
  7. Serpentine belt
  8. Wiper blades
  9. Vehicle lights
  10. Battery

In What States does Valvoline Do Car Inspections?

Valvoline is a famous automotive service company in America headquartered in Lexington, Kentucky. The Valvoline services are located in over 1500 locations and spread across many states in America. Below are the states to do your Valvoline car inspection.

  1. Hawaii
  2. Maine
  3. Alabama
  4. Missouri
  5. Connecticut
  6. New Hampshire
  7. Massachusetts
  8. Texas
  9. New York
  10. Pennsylvania
  11. Rhode Island
  12. North Carolina
  13. Virginia
  14. Utah

If you want to find the closest location for a Valvoline car inspection, log into their official webpage, go to Locator, and enter your address. Now the Valvoline webpage will instantly display the nearest service location to your area.   

You can also contact the local Valvoline retailer shop to check with the closest service places for a Valvoline car inspection.

How Much does It Cost for Valvoline Car Inspections

How Much does It Cost for Valvoline Car Inspections?

The standard cost for a Valvoline car inspection is approximately $25, but the cost also depends on different factors. The cost for the Valvoline car inspection will increase or decrease considering the condition, location and state requirements. ‘

Below are the factors that determine the cost of Valvoline car inspections.

  1. Car Condition

The model and the year determine the condition of your car. If you have an older version, completing the inspection requires more time and effort because they are associated with more defects. But, the latest cars have fewer problems which can reduce the cost of car inspection.

  1. State Requirement

Pricing factors vary for each state. Hence the state requirement includes testing schedules or one-year and two-year certifications.

  1. State Service Charge

Service charges for a Valvoline car inspection vary with each state depending on the certifications and inspections. Some states charge you more or less; hence you can always stay updated by contacting a state’s automotive center.

  1. Emission Testing

If your car has issues with the oil filters or a bad start, the Valvoline car inspection might run an emission test on your vehicle.

Most of the time, the emission test is only an option for determining your vehicle’s condition.

If you have an old car, the chance Valvoline will run an emission test is high, adding extra charges to the Valvoline car inspection.

The cost for the Valvoline car inspections can be reduced if you have any coupon or the company offers you any promotions or discounts.

To find out the state charges, you can find them in the state’s DMV (Departments of Motor Vehicles ) or from a local automotive service center.

How to Book an Appointment with Valvoline for a Car Inspection?

Valvoline car inspections do not require pre-booking, reservations or appointments for the service. You can directly drive to the Valvoline service center for a car inspection. However, it is better to avoid weekends because the place can be jammed, making it almost impossible to get a place.

How Long does a Valvoline State Inspection Take?

It does not take more than 30 minutes to do a Valvoline car inspection; most service centers will usually complete the job in 15 to 20 minutes.

Are there Valvoline Inspection Coupons, and How to Get One?

Valvoline provides you with a $10 off coupon, which can significantly drop the car inspection cost. However, there are only selected stores that offer you coupons. If you need to get one, follow the instructions given below.

  1. Log into the official Valvoline webpage to download the Valvoline app from the play store.
  2. Open the store locator and add your address, zip code, state or city.
  3. Select the closest Valvoline store or service center close to your area from the list of locations displayed.
  4. Search for the coupon in the preferred store on the webpage.
  5. Now you can send the Valvoline coupon to your email or download and print it on paper. Every time you visit for a Car inspection in Valvoline, you can use the coupon to get an off from the total cost.

What are the Benefits of a Valvoline Car Inspection?

Valvoline car inspection also comes with a number of benefits to the owner and the vehicle. Some of them are listed below.

  1. Ensure the car’s safety and minimize the chances of accidents due to faulty parts.
  2. Car inspection is a way of maintaining. As a result, it increases the lifespan of your vehicle.
  3. It saves your car from larger repairs; thus, you don’t have to spend as much to fix it.

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