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Full Accessory Power Active – Key Features and Benefits Explained!

It’s a good thing that not all of the dashboard symbols that are blinking are danger indicators. For example, options like “Full Accessory Power Active” give you useful information on the power supply accessible for the attachments in your car. You’ll really like reading this guide if you notice this notification on your dashboard. This piece will provide you with a quick overview of its implications for automotive electronics. Learn how to activate the FAP function, as well as how to disable it.

What is the Meaning of Full Accessory Power Active?

When the ignition switch is removed, the engine may still operate thanks to the Full Accessory Power function. Even though this has its uses, you ought to only utilize it occasionally because it will gradually deplete your power source over time.

Many modern automobiles now include Full Accessory Power (FAP), a feature that allows you to maintain the vehicle operating even after switching off the ignition, as you might have seen.

Despite being a valuable function, if not utilized properly, it may deplete the batteries. Because of this, be careful to utilize FAP sparingly and only whenever absolutely required.

You must be mindful that while the FAP feature might be useful in some circumstances, excessive use will drain your vehicle’s battery.

You ought to only use this function whenever it is vital to maintain the battery of your car’s life and guarantee peak performance.

Where To Find the FAP Feature?

Whenever you switch off the ignition, certain devices continue to get electricity thanks to the FAP technology.

My headlamps, additional power outlets, interior lighting, and radio recall settings are a few examples of what is often included in this list.

The FAP function is often turned on by rotating the key towards the auxiliary position or depressing a dash switch. For further information on how to enable this function, go to the owner’s handbook that came with your automobile.

If you ever have any doubts regarding the ability to utilize the FAP feature, go to the owner’s handbook for your vehicle. They will be provided with more detailed instructions on how to use this function in a secure and efficient manner.

What are the Vehicle Electronics Impacted by Full Accessory Power Active?


You can keep the headlights up even after you’ve switched the car off. This may be useful if you have to change a tire during the night or parking your car somewhere obscure.

Additionally, it’s fantastic for ensuring that all of my stuff remains lighted while I change the tire or search for a different item outside the car.

Environment Control

After the automobile has been turned off, the interior air conditioner, heater, and climate management system continue to operate thanks to the auxiliary power. Maintaining a suitable interior temperature in your car while it’s parked in an overheated or cold environment makes sense. When parked in places with severe temperatures, that can be quite helpful.


Whenever a car is turned off, certain models enable the windows to remain folded up or down. This might come in useful if you want to allow ventilation inside the interior of your car when it’s parked in a shady place or keep the sun out. In addition to improving comfort, this also improves fuel economy.


Whenever the motor is turned off, several automobile types have open trunks. This capability will come in handy for anyone who wants to transport their cargo but doesn’t want to rely on the automobile running.


On certain radios, you may keep playing your favorite music long after the engine of the car has been turned off. The radio should be turned off while not in use, according to certain reputable, highly rated specialists, since otherwise the battery would quickly run out.

Is it Safe to Leave the Car in "Full Accessory Power Active" Mode for an Extended Period

Is it Safe to Leave the Car in “Full Accessory Power Active” Mode for an Extended Period?

You must be mindful that while the FAP feature might be useful in some circumstances, excessive use will drain your vehicle’s battery.

Once more, when the Accessory Power Active alert system is left on for a long time, the battery will be swiftly drained. Employ it only when necessary.

Consult the owner’s copy of your car’s handbook whenever you’re uncertain about whether or not you need to utilize the FAP. How to use it safely and effectively will be covered in greater detail.

How to Use FAP Feature to your Advantage?

Below are some suggestions to keep in mind to make sure you utilize the FAP function successfully and efficiently.

Use the Function Following a Lengthy Drive

After a lengthy journey, your car’s battery will be fully charged, giving it the perfect moment to employ the FAP feature. Consider employing FAP if you’re searching for a solution to shorten your long journey while making the greatest use of your battery.

Just Use It for a Short While

It’s crucial to keep in mind that extended usage of a FAP feature will quickly deplete the electrical system in your car. Use the functionality just as long as it is necessary. Switching on the FAP function is an excellent choice if you’re seeking to increase the life of your CCR’s cell.

Disconnect Any Extra Devices

When using the FAP feature, it’s crucial to turn down any unneeded gadgets to preserve the battery power in your car. The battery charging option should be turned off if you aren’t utilizing it. This will help you preserve energy and preserve the battery charge in your automobile.

Check the Battery’s Charge

While using the FAP function, be sure to often check your car’s battery. Switch off the function and let the battery charge if its capacity begins to decline. Deep discharge of the battery might cause it to start losing functionality. Make sure to disable the FAP feature and give your battery time to charge completely to prevent this from occurring.

How Can I Turn Off the “Full Accessory Power Active” Mode in My Vehicle?

These FAP Active functions of your automobile may be turned on and off using the steps below.

FAP Feature Activation

Enabling the FAP function might vary depending on the year and make of the car, but generally speaking, it involves adjusting the key into the accessories setting or pressing a button on the dashboard.

Removing the FAP Feature from Use

The manner in which it is deactivated might also change depending on the brand and version of the car. But generally speaking, you may remove the FAP feature by switching the ignition off or by tapping the same key you utilized to activate it once more.

Can a Faulty Component Trigger the “Full Accessory Power Active” Message?

Even when the ignition is switched off, numerous components will continue to operate if every accessory energy active is enabled. Nobody can deny the benefits of the full power attachment being activated, but it frequently dramatically drains the power source in your car.

It’s vital to keep in mind that excessive usage of the FAP function may drain your car’s power source, even if it might be useful in some circumstances. Use this functionality only when it is vital.

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