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Why Is My Gear Shift Indicator Light Not Working? – Explained

If you look at your car’s shifter, you’ll see indicator lights that let you know which gear is which. These lights are helpful because they make it simple for you to distinguish between each gear. But why is my gear shift indicator light not working? Why don’t the shifter indicator lights function as they ought to?

Because you need to utilize the right gear when certain circumstances arise, shifting is one of the most crucial aspects of driving.

What Are The Causes For Gear Shift Indicator Light Not Working

Your gear shift light may not function because the console shift indicator bulbs have burned out, or there may be a loose connection. This can provide a challenge if you’re driving at night.

Although they are not strictly essential for you to be able to drive, gear shift indicator lights are helpful since they enable you to accurately identify which gear you are shifting to in low-light conditions.

Since you could have problems seeing in the dark, even though this isn’t an issue now, it could be in the future.

How Do Shift Lights Function?

Everyone knows that the shifter is one of the most crucial components of a car since it gives you control over your gearbox and enables you to change gears while driving.

Each gear, of course, has a particular purpose, which most drivers almost certainly face regularly.

The indication lights you can see on each gear label are one of the elements that help you utilize the shifter smoothly and precisely. You can see them on each gear label.

You can quickly identify which gear is which, thanks to the gear labels’ built-in indicator lights.

Therefore, even if the shift lights are not crucial to how the shifter and gearbox function, they are beneficial if you want to change gears correctly and quickly.

Every indicator light in your car is critical in low-light settings, such as while driving at night, since you want to guarantee that you can view all the different sensors and elements you need to operate.

In reality, a bulb or electrical hookup that powers all of the other lights on the shifter powers the indication lights you may find on your car’s shifter.

The labels on your shifter are just plain letters and will never be lighted without that bulb or an electrical link.

How To Know If Gear Shift Light Is Not Working?

Having learned what the gear shift light is and how it works, let’s examine the cause of the gear shift indicator light not working.

And this might be an issue if you ever find it difficult to distinguish between the gears when driving at night.

So what is the cause of the malfunctioning gear shift light?

The electrical connection or the bulb is typically to blame when the gear shift light is not functioning. 

That indicates that the light bulb has either reached the end of its useful life or has abruptly ceased operating, much like the standard light bulb in your home may eventually burn out sooner or later.

Additionally, here are some additional indications that your gear shifter light has ceased functioning:

  • The Check Engine Light turn on

Even if the problem isn’t in the engine itself, there are several reasons why the check engine light could suddenly come on.

The check engine light on your dash may occasionally turn on for no apparent reason. Such as when the shift light indication stops working.

As a result, if you see this light coming on, you might want to get your automobile looked at or try changing the bulb.

Rarely, the problem may not only be with the shifter lights but also with the actual shifter itself.

  • The Read Gear Is Incorrect.

Whenever you shift your car into a new gear, the indicator light should also change to neutral.

However, if the shift indicator light isn’t reading it right, such as while changing gears, your indicator light may malfunction. This can be troublesome since your car may perform differently because you believe you are in one gear while you are actually in another.

  • The Indicator Lights Are Stationary.

The shift indicator lights should move in tandem with the gear shifter.

On the other hand, if it remains stationary, an issue with the indicator must exist. This may occasionally result from a straightforward alignment issue, which is a greater issue than just the shift indicator light.

If so, it is essential to have a professional examine your vehicle so that the issue may be properly identified.

How Is A Gearbox Light Changed?

When you come up with the problem, “Why is my gear shift indicator light not working?” You won’t need to send your car to the repair if the only thing wrong with your gear change light is the bulb in the shifter indication because you can likely replace it yourself.

How To Accomplish It Is As Follows:

  1. Purchase the appropriate electrical connection or bulb for your vehicle. Omit this specific step if you are not sure about your required bulb or electrical connector.
  2. Use a tool that will allow you to pry around the shifter to remove the shifter surround carefully. Instead of lifting the whole cover in one area, it is preferable to first pry around the shifter surround. Be aware that certain shifters could require you to remove the screws from the shifter enclosure by using a screwdriver.
  3. The shifter bulb or connection ought to now be visible from there. 
  4. Unplug your car’s gear shifter connector or bulb if you haven’t already bought one. Then take it to the store and ask a salesperson to provide you with a replacement of the same kind.
  5. All that is left is to switch out the electrical connector or bulb and put the shifter casing back in place. Your shifter lights should be operational once more if the right bulb is used.

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