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How Big Does Hail Have To Be To Damage Car?

Hail is a part of the water cycle and a form of precipitation when water freezes and drops to the ground. The hail looks like thick water droplets, more like tiny ice cubes; thus, when the hail falls to the grounds, there are possibilities that it can cause damage to the properties, but the worst part of the story starts when your car is parked out when the hail falls. You often might have thought, how big does hail have to be to damage a car? Of course, it is a concerning fact as hail can cause considerable damage to your cars, such as cracks and dents.

Hails can be an absolute hassle; if you don’t cover your car and take necessary precautions, this can make the situation worst when there is a storm along with the hail, causing scratches, paint damage, and cracked windscreens, broken mirrors etc.

But the severity of the damages mostly depends on how harsh the weather can be and the size of the hail. In this article, you will learn how big hail has to be to damage a car; keep reading to learn more about the hail damage to a car.

How Big Does Hail Have To Be To Damage A Car?

It is normal to be genuinely concerned about the size of the hail that can damage your car, but most of the damages are severe when there is a gale and severe storm along with hail.  

Any hail size can damage your car as the frozen water droplet shoots straight from the sky. The force increases in the air when the hail starts dropping from the clouds, but the size of the hail does have an impact when you consider the density of the damages caused to the car.

A hail with at least one-inch diameter or slightly less than a diameter can cause more severe damage to the car than a smaller hail.

Different Hail Damages To The Car

A hail causes different types of damage to a car; it could be your car roof, windshield, bonnet or rare mirrors. However, there are signs of car damages categorized; accordingly, upcoming is a brief insight on the different hail damages caused to the car.


A dent is hollow on your car roof, bonnet, side panels, hood etc., that is made typically due to pressure; this is the most common type of damage you will see in your car after a hail.

The size and the depth of the hollow depend on the severity of the weather condition; it damages the look of your car, giving an uneven texture.

Hail damage on your car can look like tiny hollow spots spread, hindering the even texture of the metal.

Dents on your car door will make it slightly break the smoothness to open because of the unevenness in the metal of the car door.

The damages can typically reduce with the thickness of the metal in the car. If the car’s body is made of thin aluminium, the deeper is the depth of the dent.

Paint Damages

Paint damages in your car can look like deep scratches peeling off the paint; this usually happens when there is hail and a storm that corrodes against the side and front of your car. The marks determine the direction of the wind during the storm that caused the paint to chip off your car.

Cracked Mirrors, Windshield and Light

When the hail directly drops down from the clouds to your car, it causes cracks on your windshield; with the direction of the wind, the hail also causes cracks on the rare side view mirrors and the lights.

If the hail damages the car lights severely, it defuses the light in your car.

If you come across a cracked windshield in your car, be careful when you open the door, as there can be pieces of glass from your windshield.

Misaligning and Missing Mirrors

A hail usually comes with a storm; thus, when the gale or a strong wind blows, causing pressure to misalign the rare view mirror and sometimes remove the mirrors when the weather condition is worst.

Different Hail Damages To The Car

How To Fix The Hail Damages In The Car?

Hail damages to your car cannot be fixed at home; you will have to visit a professional as the car may be reconditioned with special automobile services. Given below are the steps to fix your car after hail damage.

  1. Contact your insurance company; most insurance companies provide a repair for natural details. You will have to send a few pictures and detail of the damages for this.
  2. Take your vehicle to a professional repair centre; in this case, more than half the percentage of your repairing expenses will be covered by the insurance; the car owner must pay the rest.

It is good for you to find a good insurance company, as some companies cover almost 99% of your expenses for the hail damages.

  1. You will have to take pictures of your repaired car and receipts of the cost to fix the damages and the replaced automobile parts of your car to show the insurance company.

Methods to Protect Your Car From Hail Damages

  • Keep yourself updated with the weather forecast; if you find any weather news regarding a hail, take the necessary precautions to prevent damage to your car.
  • Park your car inside the garage during a hail storm
  • If you don’t have a garage, you can use protective covers against the hail or thick blankets; this way, you can protect your car from major hail damage.


The hail damages your car and the window glasses of your home. The severity of the damage in your car depends on the size of the hail and the severity of the storm; a 1-inch diameter hail can cause more serious damage than a regular hail.

This article contemplates the different damages a hail storm can cause to your car,  such as dents,  paint damage, cracked mirrors, lost mirrors, etc. A brief detail is also given on how to fix the damages in your car and the preventive method that should be taken to prevent the damages.

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