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How To Remove Water Stains From Car Interior Roof? Read Here

Remember the last time you glanced at the headliner of your car? The headliner material adheres to a hard fiberglass substance on the ceiling with glue. As a result, automobile owners should understand how to remove water stains from car interior roof.

Car headliners are essential in our automobiles. They enhance the inside of your vehicle, but they also protect the roof. As a result, washing the automobile headliner requires particular procedures and the appropriate cleaning chemicals. You’ll discover – how to remove water stains from car interior roof.

Continue reading to discover more and locate the finest ones.

How To Remove Water Stains From Car Interior Roof?

Liquid stains must be cleaned up as quickly as possible. The longer you leave, the more difficult removing water stains from your vehicle’s headliner will be. Car headliners are often formed of a gentle foam-like fabric and covered with suede, vinyl, leather, or fabric-like substance. Unfortunately, stains cannot be removed by washing with water alone!

Take it easy and don’t be concerned!

We have a few techniques up our sleeves that will help you learn how to remove water stains from car interior roof.

What You Need To Clean Stains From Car Headliner

  • Water
  • Soap for dishes
  • Vinegar (white)
  • Bottle for spraying
  • A soft brush
  • Towel with microfiber

Process of Cleaning Stains From Car Interior Roof

Here is our step by step guide.

  1. Combine water & dish soap in a bowl.

Fill a clean container halfway with lukewarm water and a few droplets of dish soap. Stir till the cleanser has completely dissolved.

2. Fill a spray bottle halfway with the mixture.

3. Apply the solution to the water spots.

Spray the mixture immediately, just on water stains using the spray bottle.

4. Scrub the water spots with a gentle brush.

Use circular strokes and add pressure to loosen any dirt that may be creating the stains gently.

5. Using a clean microfiber cloth, wipe the headliner.

You can notice the results while rubbing any water stains with a gentle brush.

6. If you’re not happy with the outcomes, return to step four.

7. Clean the water spots with white vinegar.

Apply a small amount of white vinegar to a dry microfiber cloth and wipe the water spots away.

Using a foaming cleanser, how do you remove water stains from your car inside roof?

A foaming cleanser is already an excellent cleaning tool for cleansing your car’s ceiling. The cleaning procedure is simple, and all you have to do now is evenly spray the foam across the entire surface of the headliner. Let the cleaning foam do its job by allowing it to dry for the time specified on the can.

Next, gently wipe the foam cleaner into the material with a soft bristle brush. Once the liner has dried thoroughly, use your vacuum’s portable fabric tool to pull up any remaining dust.

Your cleaning job is complete!

Using an all-purpose cleaner, how do you remove water stains from your car inside roof?

To start:

Spray the water stains with the all-purpose cleaner.

Allow the cleaner to settle for a while to penetrate further into the headlining material.

Brush the water spots lightly until they start to fade. Use the soft cloth and rub off the remains until the water stains are no longer visible.

Using a microfiber cloth, gently clean the area. This method also aids in the dryer of the vehicle’s headliner.


Can vinegar be used to remove water stains from a car headliner?

In a spray bottle, combine a quarter of vinegar, a glass of water, and a tablespoon of cleaning solution to remove water stains from the car headliner. Shake thoroughly before applying to the water stain and cleaning with a gentle brush. Use moderate pressure to avoid damaging the automobile headline.

How should greasy spots on a vehicle liner be treated?

1st Step: Using a paper towel, wipe up any grease blobs or soak up as much oil as possible.

2nd Step: Apply a tiny amount of washed paint thinner mixture to the stain.

3rd Step: Wait for 5 to 10 minutes for the greasy or oil to dissolve.

4th Step: Using a cloth or paper towel, absorb the stain.

How can I get coffee stains out of the interior of my car?

Some auto cleaning specialists recommend a mixture of one-third vinegar, two-thirds water, and a few sprays of liquid soap. Water-based upholstery cleaning can also be used. Use a dry sponge or damp washcloth to wipe this solution into the stain gently.

How do I get bad odors out of my car headliner?

Combine the water, white vinegar, and baking powder in a spray container and shake well to remove foul odor from the car top or other interior sections. Spray the solution into a clean cloth and dab it over the liner carefully, careful not to wet the headliner.

Is it possible to shampoo a vehicle headliner?

Shampoo may be used to wash your headliner. The cleaning you’ll need is determined by the type of stain on your headliner.

Is it possible for the vehicle headliner to sink due to too much water?

The glue that holds the headlining in place weakens its stickiness over time, allowing it to tumble out of position. Water damage is another major cause of drooping automobile roofs, and water can seep through the top of your automobile if it leaks, causing it to droop over time.


Happily, water stains are not difficult to remove, and they’re not particularly strong and can be quickly dealt with. Your car’s headliner and the interior may be sensitive to various stains, but you only need to know how to deal with them.

We hope you’ve figured out how to remove water stains from car interior roof. Any options listed above will work, so pick one that suits your needs. Once you’ve done that, removing it won’t be as costly or challenging as expected.

Best wishes!

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