How to Reset Service Side Detection System? Let’s Find Out

how to reset service side detection system

If you are a car owner, you need the help of advanced technology like a side detection system to avoid car accidents in the busy streets. But you must have a good understanding of how to deal with it. Therefore, today we thought to discuss the topic ‘how to reset service side detection system.’

Just think about going out during busy hours in an urban environment. It is complicated to drive safely with so many people on the way. Then, the side detection system will save your day! So it is worth knowing how to reset it when it needs a reset.

What Is a Side Detection System?

Side Detection System is a modern detection system specially designed for vans, lorries, etc. Ultrasonic technology is used here. And the most specific function of this is to detect pedestrians and cyclists who approach the vehicle unawares at angles that are not visible to the driver and issue warning signals.

To elaborate further, let’s take a truck as an example. It is sometimes enormous. There are places in the vehicle that cannot be adequately seen, even through the side mirrors. When a driver is driving down a busy, crowded street, he is only concerned with the area he can see from the side mirror. But this system reduces collisions with cyclists or pedestrians on the road due to carelessness or ignorance.

How Does Side Detection System Work?

When your vehicle travels at less than 10 mph, the interior display will continue to flash with the system on while the left indicator is active. During that time, it constantly checks for a pedestrian or cyclists. This indicator automatically turns off when exceeding 10 mph. 

The system monitors up to 800 mm from the rear vehicle boundary and 400 mm from the side area. If a pedestrian or cyclist is detected within that distance, the driver will be alerted with a beep. And as a unique feature of this, a voice signal is released repeatedly to inform the driver. Now you will understand how this system works.

If you look at the technical plan here, you can see that this system consists of 4 main parts. Although simply called parts, they are actually sensory eyes. The sensors should be installed near the bumper/step and the wheel arch. The display with an internal piezo tone buzzer should be mounted at the driver’s eye level at the height of the side mirror. Then the control module should be mounted on the dashboard. According to your need, you can place a voice warning speaker optionally.

How to Define a Faulty Side Detection System?

This is an essential device that ensures your safety. And it is normal for such technical devices to have some kind of error. We will find out what the issues are.

First, you need to know what the faulty tips are. Sometimes the warnings do not work properly no matter how close pedestrians or cyclists are. Also, reset side detection continuously on and off without working properly. The service side detection system beeps constantly. There are some of the most common clues you will find out in a faulty SD system. Now let’s see what the reasons are for this.

Often the leading and most common cause of problems with new technologies is their use without proper updates. This is also caused by the sensors and it is one of the most critical components, not working properly. Also, damaged mirrors and having water or other types of debris stuck in the mirrors are the main problems affect on faulty SDS.

Now you know what the most common errors in the side detection system are. And also you know what the main and significant reasons for it are. Thus, we can move on to the most important part of our discussion!

How to Reset Service Side Detection System?

As I mentioned before, it is essential to maintain this system which increases the sense of safety of your vehicle. If you recognize a mistake, it will no longer be an issue because we will cover all the areas you should be aware of.

First, keep these few simple things in mind. You should turn off the engine and remove the ignition key. Then let the engine cool down. Only then should you follow these steps.

  1. Using OB Diagnostic Tool

Here you need to use OB diagnostic tool. It is recommended to follow this method if the sensors are working well only. Still, the indicator light on the board is not working properly. Or when the indicator light isn’t off.

Here are some simple steps. Scan the system using an onboard diagnostics (onboard) device. You must have connected the onboard diagnostics device to the electronic control unit. There is an error code light. And it will be cleared by the onboard scanner. Removing the indicator light is also a duty of the onboard scanner.

  1. Unclog Damaged Sensors

This can also significantly affect the poor performance of the system. Water and debris build-up can block sensors and prevent proper operation. The most typical indication of this blockage is the appearance of the reset Side Detection System indicator light.

Here you first clean the mirror surface. Even the inside of the mirror can be removed and cleaned. If you do, replace it well after drying it properly.

  1. Replace Faulty Mirror Sensors

Suppose your system does not work correctly even after the process related to the steps we talked about earlier. Then, check the mirror sensors. The best decision to be made here is to completely replace the damaged sensors.

  1. Reset the Side Detection System

Now you can replace almost all the damaged sensors before connecting the battery. You should run your engine for about 5-10 minutes. Drive it faster; that is the recommended way. 

Now you can check that the SDS is working properly by the indicator lights on the side mirrors.

  1. Check for Vehicle Recalls

If all else fails, the best course of action is to check for recalls.


Today our discussion started with the question of resetting the service-side detection system. And we hope you could get a better understanding of this case. So, now you know how vital a side detection system is for safety and what to do when you have to face such issues.

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