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How to Start Car with a Screwdriver? (No Key? No Problem)

Car key loss is one of the most common issues every car owner faces, but a car key loss would be the last thing you will want when driving out for an emergency. There are other options than simply calling a mechanic or waiting for your insurance or local dealership to get a new car key. That is when mechanic hacks can come in handy, and you can use a screwdriver to start your car. However, you might be still determining how to start car with a screwdriver, but the good news is you are at the right place to find the answers. The article will help you find a solution to your questions, primarily discussing starting a car in the absence of a key. Hence, ensure you stick to the end and read completely to find out how to start car with a screwdriver.

Why would Someone Want to Start a Car with a Screwdriver?

The reason why people are determined to start a car with a screwdriver is different, as the issue might vary for each person. Some of the possible reasons to start a car with a screwdriver are,

  1. One of the most common reasons to start a car with a screwdriver is if the car key is lost.
  2. The car key is broken
  3. If the ignition in your car is damaged, it does not allow your key to turn.
  4. If you cannot start the car using the key because of engine issues, you will need to use the screwdriver.
  5. If the steering wheel in your car is locked, it will automatically lock the ignition system.

Can a Car be Started with a Screwdriver?

If you are wondering if starting your car with a screwdriver is possible, if this is your first time trying this hack, the answer is yes.

A screwdriver or a similar flat-blade metal can be used as an alternative to start your car and turn the ignition without a key to start. However, technically using a screwdriver to start your car can be harmful.

The screwdriver is forced inside the ignition system by hammering. As a result, it causes damage to the locking pins in the ignition.

How to Start Car with a Screwdriver?

Though starting your car using a screwdriver is a viral hack, most might need help figuring out how to start car with a screwdriver. If this is your first time, you must observe before proceeding, as the project should be done properly without damaging the ignition system. Thus, before starting, you must gather the necessary tools, including the hammer, flat screwdriver, and safety gloves, to avoid personal injuries. Once you have the necessary tools, follow the steps below to start a car with a screwdriver.

  1. Wear your safety gloves and insert the flat screwdriver into your ignition switch and try to turn. It is recommended to select a screwdriver that fits your ignition switch or any larger can damaged. If your ignition switch turns, it will not cause any damage; however, if you fail the first step, you will skip to the second.
  2. In the second step, you will need a hammer and special attention to get the proper results. However, the second step is time-consuming and will need effort, hence ensure you read the instructions properly before starting the car with a screwdriver.
  3. Put the flat screwdriver inside the ignition key.
  4. Disconnect the battery, as you might be subjected to electric shocks while hammering if the car is connected.
  5. Wear your safety gloves and slowly start hammering. Ensure not to hammer hard, as it can damage the ignition key. Maintain a steady and consistence pace while hammering; the screwdriver should reach the length of a full key. Now hammer for some time till you hear the cylinder pin break.
  6. Once the screwdriver stops reaching down, connect the battery cables and slowly turn the key.

The above method is usually successful; however, if your car does not turn on, tap a few more times and try to turn it. The method is most effective in almost every car. However, turning on modern cars with screwdrivers might be ineffective as the ignition system is built using the latest technology, and the programming system might be different.

How do I Force my Ignition to Turn

How do I Force my Ignition to Turn?

If the key is not turning in your ignition,  the problem can also be related to the steering wheel and you will not be able to turn the steering wheel but you should be able to force your ignition to turn by following the steps below,

  1. Gently turn the steering wheel left and right to check if the steering wheel is locked.
  2. Now you can slowly turn the key.
  3. If the key does not turn in the ignition, try shaking the steering wheel and wiggling or twisting the key on either side.
  4. Now turn the key, where the steering will simultaneously unlock.

How do you Start a Car with Scissors?

As previously stated, any flat metal object can help start your car without a key. Another viral hack to start your car is using scissors. However, you will not need a hammer since the scissors are sharp.

  1. Disconnect the battery cables.
  2. Slip one blade inside the ignition key and push deep.
  3. Once the blade has reached the level of a key, connect the cables and turn the scissor.
  4. If the car does not start, try turning the scissor while pushing deep.

List of Cars that Can be Started Using a Screwdriver

As stated, the car using a screwdriver is not effective on modern cars. You might be curious to know the list of care you start with a screwdriver.

Almost everyone can start using a screwdriver, and the method is most effective on older models.

The method is effective on gas and diesel cars, but if you have an EV (Electric Vehicle) car, the method will only work if the ignition system is designed differently.

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