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Jeep Cherokee Won’t Start But Has Power – Comprehensive Guide

The Jeep Cherokee is a trustworthy travel partner. But, it’s a sophisticated machine with numerous interconnected parts. And similar to any other machinery, it occasionally fails to perform typically. Have you recently been in an automobile and tried your hardest to crank the key in the starter, but the Jeep Cherokee just won’t start even though it has power?

It makes no difference if you prepare to depart for the job and go on an off-road summer vacation. Or perhaps you wish to spend quality time driving your Jeep Cherokee. You are faced with a bewildering array of concerns whenever the jeep won’t start.

We spent countless hours doing an investigation to educate you on why your Jeep Cherokee won’t start but has power. This guide will discuss the most frequent things of Grand Cherokee breakdowns and how to rectify them.

Quick Summary: Bad battery and starter function are the most frequent reasons for this annoying issue. The second reason is probably an issue with the fueling supply. And the third reason could be mechanical problems with the sparking plugs.

Read this helpful guide to learn more regarding these factors.

Due to its superior off-road capabilities, the Jeep Cherokee is the ideal car if you’re looking for excitement. But, if you are getting ready to leave on your next vacation and the vehicle won’t start, it will throw a spanner in the works. The issue is what can prevent your vehicle from starting. But we’ll ensure you address the source of the problem as quickly as feasible. Let’s look at why Jeep Cherokee won’t start but has power.

Jeep Cherokee Won’t Start But Has Power – All You Need To Know

When you anticipate a hectic day ahead of you, and your vehicle won’t start, it may feel like all is lost. However, there may occasionally be a simple fix for the issue. However, it can be something that requires expert assistance because it falls outside of your area of competence.

Power problems with your jeep might occur for several different causes, which led to your question for Jeep Cherokee won’t start but has power

  • Bad Battery

The battery must immediately get checked if you attempt to start your car, but it doesn’t work. To assess the electrical readings, you will require a voltmeter to correctly identify whether the issue is due to a bad battery.

To pair the battery of your jeep with additional power input, you would also need a battery from a working jeep and jumping wires. How do you perform your testing with this hardware, then? Simple enough—try turning your jeep on by placing the key in the starter.

Your following action should be to switch on the headlamps. You might get a dying battery issue on your hands if you notice that the lighting generated is dim or, possibly, terrible if the headlamps don’t come on.

So how can you ensure your Cherokee begins regardless of a low battery? Utilizing boosting cables, you may quickly restart a weaker or depleted battery by using a jumping start to pull power from a different carrier.

Note: Corroded electrical connections are another potential reason for your car not starting. Although it’s not very frequent, you may check whether the battery wires are rusted or unclean by taking the battery out of the vehicle. The battery connections can be cleaned and reconnected as the initial step towards fixing this problem. Ensure that the problem gets fixed by trying to restart your car.

  • Starter And Alternator Issues

The starter is typically the first thing to rule out as the cause of your automobile not igniting. The starter must turn over the engine for it to ignite. In essence, if that’s not functioning, it can be the reason why your jeep will not ignite.

While the vehicle is turned on and moving, the alternator’s function is to replenish the battery. You won’t have sufficient electricity to operate your automobile if this isn’t functioning. The alternator could get examined by getting your electrical equipment inspected or assessing its workload, just like a defective battery.

  • Bad Starter Solenoid

Among the crucial parts needed to begin your automobile is a starter solenoid. In other words, it takes electrical charges from the automobile battery and igniting equipment and starts a series of electrical reactions to ignite the combustion engine. Your car’s engine is started by sparking. If it’s not functioning, it is recommended to inspect the fuses and change them as needed.

  • Bad Starter Relay

Although they are related, the starting solenoid and starting relay are distinct. The starter relay activates a current that turns on the starting solenoid. It must function properly, or there won’t be sufficient power to begin your automobile. If it doesn’t, the electrical charge from the battery will get obstructed.

  • Faulty Spark Plug

Suppose your Jeep Cherokee won’t start without a working battery, starter, gasoline tank, and fuel pump. In that scenario, you must inspect the sparking plugs.

Find the location of the sparking plug wires by removing your jeep’s bonnet.

One sparking plug wire should get disconnected, and the second wire should be disconnected utilizing a sparking plug wrench.

Look over it carefully to look for even the slightest flaw that would get serious.

Spark plugs must be changed right away if you observe that the stream is broader than it must be.

Change your jeep’s sparking plugs with replacement ones and redo the sparking plug inspection if you feel they are broken.

Bottom Line

After perusing this guide, you will better understand the possible causes and how to cope. The previously mentioned potential causes for Jeep Cherokee starting problems are plausible. Therefore, it’s essential to maintain your jeep routinely maintained to ensure all of its components are correctly working.

Maintain the battery and starter daily to prevent aggravation whenever the jeep struggles to begin. Refueling is essential for keeping adequate fuel supplies in the container after an extended journey or several short ones.

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