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My Car Key Broke In Half What Can I Do? We Are Here To Help You

When you’re late for something like an emergency appointment, dealing with missing keys is a pain, but dealing with a damaged key is much worse. ‘My car key broke in half what can I do?’ you might wonder. When a key breaks, you will be entirely unsure how to insert or operate whatever the key demands.

If your car key has broken in half, you might be stuck. Breaking a key within the door is a frustrating and uncomfortable situation. Unless the broken section of the key is the blade, all you need to know is how the key is broken.

The sad fact is that a car key that has broken in half cannot be repaired and must be replaced. But all hope is not gone if you think, ‘My car key broke in half what can I do?’. When you still see both parts, there are a few things to deal with the issue. The question ‘My car key broke in half, what can I do?’ is answered below.

‘My Car Key Broke In Half What Can I do?’

The question, ‘My car key broke in half what can I do?’ Depending on the kind, a damaged car key frequently requires obtaining a replacement. The Below section contains advice on how to solve them temporarily.

  1. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with the dealership

You may indeed say that you will receive the specific parts you require. You can request a new key and give the details by calling the dealership. They may require information such as the vehicle identification number (VIN). You may be confident that you will receive a genuine key, which might take a while.

  1. Glue it with Super Glue

Supergluing a damaged car key together is one approach to patch up it temporarily. If the key isn’t in the ignition, you can use a hot glue gun to reattach the damaged parts. Superglue, unfortunately, isn’t able to grip a car key in position.

However, it would be best if you use extreme caution when doing so. Use strong glue such as Gorilla Glue or 3M Command Glue Strips if you genuinely need to keep your key fixed to your car.

The key should not break apart in the ignition and the door, which is not a good idea. Any glue that comes in contact with your car’s locks and ignition will raise the repair expense.

  1. Make A Locksmith Visit

Get a replica from a nearby locksmith company to achieve the greatest results. You should contact a locksmith if you lose your key or it splits in half. Keep the shattered parts if you have them. They will come directly to you and provide you with a new key. It is a speedy way to obtain a replacement.

What Happens If The Ignition Key breaks In Your Car Key?

While wondering, ‘My car key broke in half what can I do?’, you would also be thinking, ‘What happens if the ignition key breaks?’ When this happens, the lock becomes unusable until the damaged piece is removed. When the key in the ignition is broken off, you must take it first.

However, you can attempt filing down the shattered bits with a metal file till they can be put back into the ignition. Because it is crucial not to harm the ignition cylinder, a locksmith is required. You won’t be able to unlock your car if the key broke while it was already locked, and you’ll need a new key.

What Happens If The Ignition Key breaks In Your Car Key?

What Causes Car Keys To Break?

A variety of factors might cause keys to breaking. The most typical cause is a bent or shattered metal shaft on the key. Brass and nickel, for example, are comparatively soft metals used in standard keys.

If you attempt to exit the car with the keys in the lock, or when the key gets stuck on something within the vehicle, this might happen. Depreciation has caused damage to the key over time, and the lock is either not lubricated properly or has jammed. Or when you try to enter the key into the ignition and accidentally strike something.

How Do You Replace A Broken-down Car Key?

1st Step: Make a Hole in The Key. First, use a drill and make a hole roughly the size of one finishing nail to drill the holes.

2nd Step: Cut a Final Nail to that same Suitable Length.

3rd Step: Fill each hole with a dab of glue.

4th Step: Insert the Nail into the Hole

5th Step: Put the Key Back Together.


How Can I Ignite my Car With a broken Key?

There are a few options for starting an automobile with a broken key. The emergency keyless ignition is one option, and the remote start is another option.

Is It Possible to Weld a Damaged Automobile Key?

You can solder the key back together if it isn’t too severely damaged. Identify the damaged parts, measure and cut a replacement piece to fit, weld it in position, then grind or file away any extra metal.

Is it Possible to Keep Your Key Against Breaking?

In the long run, you can surely avoid it. It’s usually good to get a set of keys on hand if something goes wrong, and you don’t want to be caught short on supplies.

How to Stop Your Key without Breaking?

  1. Ensure that your locks are lubricated.
  2. Replace any old keys.
  3. If using keys in cold weather, be cautious.


You can get to the base of the problem after learning how your key is damaged and what sort of key you’re trying to repair. When a car key breaks into half, there are a few things you can do. It’s not the proper method for repairing a damaged key. A locksmith is handy and can assist with many of these situations. We hope you have identified the answer to your question ‘My car key broke in half what can I do?’

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