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How To Fix The Error Steering Assist Is Reduced Drive With Care

Most modern vehicles are designed with security systems and technology for the car’s safety. The steering assist is one such safety component seen in the car. As the name suggests, this safety option assists the power steering when necessary. If the vehicle faces any technical issues with the power steering system or detects an unsafe condition, an error message appears on the dashboard: “steering assist is reduced drive with care.”

The Steering assists the vehicle’s work by linking to the ECM (Engine Control Module ). The ECM in the vehicle is responsible for detecting the coolant temperature. When there is a defect in the engine control module, it reduces the coolant temperature. As a consequence, the ECM does not read accurately.

If the coolant temperature reduces, it causes a grease build-up around power steering and hardens. Which gives a tough time handling the power steering. Thus, activating the power steering in the vehicle makes it smooth to use the Steering.

What Does Steering Assistance Reduced Mean?

The Steering assist in the vehicle is linked to the ECM (Engine Control Module ) of the car. When there is a defect in the ECM, as previously stated, the steering assist is reduced. However, the issue is not a physical cause that needs the replacement of new auto parts but a technical issue that can be fixed by yourself.

The power steering reduced means when the engine control module in the car cannot detect the temperature to regulate it in the coolant. But the issue does not involve a physical problem but a calibration issue. When the steering assist is reduced in the car, the grease builds in the power steering, making it stiff.

In simple terms, the engine control module cannot read the coolant temperature. As a result, the power steering has difficulty running smoothly because the grease solidifies.

Why Does The ‍”Steering Assist Is Reduced Drive With Care” Error Appear

If you see a note on your dashboard as “steering assist is reduced drive with care,” this is most probably a defect related to the vehicle’s ECM ( Engine Control Module). But there are other reasons why an error message might appear on your dashboard. Below are some of the reasons for the issue apart from the wrong reading of coolant temperature by the ECM.

  • Using The Steering Assist Too Often

Frequent usage of the steering assist will result in “steering assist is reduced drive with care” appear on the dashboard. Another possible reason could be when the steering assist option is used for a long period when it is not needed.

  • Improper Use

The Steering assist in each vehicle differs for each vehicle; thus, it is important to activate and use the Steering assist correctly. If the Steering is misused and not maintained properly, it sends the error message to the dashboard.

  • Leakage Of The Steering Fluid

A special fluid is used in the power steering system for the steering  wheel to turn smoothly. Over time there are possibilities for the fluid to leak, making it almost hard to control the steering wheel. It also hinders the driving experience.

The leakage is caused due to a damaged or worn-out pump hose. When the car computer discloses the leakage, it sends a message to the dashboard.

  • EPS (Electric Power Steering) Is Rigid

The computer system in the vehicle is designed to ensure the power system is in good condition and used. Thus when the power steering is stiff, unsmooth or if the computer system detects an uneasiness, the message is displayed on the vehicle dashboard.

  • The Electric Supply System Was Disrupted In The Car

If the electric components such as wires and cables are damaged or disconnected, it affects the electric supply of the car to move efficiently. If the electric connection of the car is improper, it can decrease the electricity supply for the Steering assistant to work efficiently. Hence if the electric supply system is disrupted, a message will appear on the vehicle dashboard as steering assistance is reduced with care.

How To Fix The Error “Steering Assist Is Reduced Drive With Care”

If you face issues with your steering assist, it is not certainly be a defect in a physical part. Some mistakes include consulting a professional and wasting cash by relacing new auto parts. But you can fix the issue yourself when a message appears on your dashboard because the steering assist is reduced.

Below are tips that can be considered if ‘steering assist is reduced drive with care’ appears

  • Examine the issue of why the steering assist is reduced. You can check for any fluid leakages and the power steering fluid level. It is also better to check for any disconnections with the electric cable in the car.
  • After a thorough examination, if there are no issues stated above, it is recommended to reprogram the car. But if there is an issue, as previously stated above, it is better to refill the power steering reservoir and fix the leakage issues, including the electrical components.
  • To reprogram the car, switch off your car’s power entirely and restart; this process will help reset the electrical components of the car. Repeat the steps and go at least 2 to 3 rounds of the complete process. Once you do this, the message displayed on the dashboard will be gone.


Since modern vehicles are made with sensitive security systems, it is normal for the ‘steering assist is reduced drive with care’ error to appear on your dashboard. But this is not an issue to panic about, instead can be fixed by yourself at home if you follow the steps above. There is no specific lifetime for the steering assist, but it is vital to maintain the system by replacing the fluid every four years.

The article contemplates the issue ‘steering assist is reduced drive with care’, which also includes the reasons for the message to appear on the vehicle dashboard. It also discusses the necessary steps that should be taken when you see the message on the dashboard and how you can fix the issue.

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