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What does FP Mean on a License Plate? Complete Guide

When we stop to consider it, every State within the United States does have its unique regulations, plate lettering, and designs. The letters FP are frequently shown on the number plates in certain states of the United States. So, what does FP mean on a license plate?

What does FP mean on a license plate? The letters FP on such a numberplate stand for “Fleet Plate” as well as “Fleet Permanent.”


When designing number plates within the US, consisting of the fifty states, Districts of Columbia, all five populated US regions, and Native American nations that each individually register cars, consideration is often given to emblems, hues, or phrases that are connected to the giving authority.

Luxury number plates can contain as many as eight digits in some places. However, most regular number plates on automobiles have between six and seven digits.

What does FP Mean on a License Plate?

The letters FP stand for either “fleet plate” or “fleet permanent.” Fleet permanent license plates are given for automobiles that are rented or held by a business, an association, or a state agency.

For instance, the letter FP on just an Illinois numberplate stands for a footplate, which may be obtained by utility companies, rental vehicle agencies, taxicab firms, police forces, and public transportation providers. To transport sales reps to prospects or deliver items to users, many firms buy or lease fleets of cars.

What Kind of Number Plates are Used by Fleet Vehicles in the Various US Nations?

When identifying fleet cars, only some American states utilize the abbreviation FP on number plates. To differentiate between fleet cars and those that are not, various jurisdictions are using a separate abbreviation. Check out where the regions in the US utilize FP as well as which others need not.

Illinois Fleet Registration Plate

As previously indicated, Illinois-registered automobiles’ number plates frequently have the abbreviation FP.

The character F is positioned such that it appears on the outermost part of the number plate. It is followed immediately by the letter P. Then, after these letters comes the car’s license plate number. The uppermost portion of the plates is, however, aligned with the word “Illinois.”

The Number Plate for the Oregon Fleet

The abbreviation FP was widely believed to be used by Oregon to designate fleet cars on number plates by Americans. This is erroneous; the abbreviation PF is utilized in this US jurisdiction. For Oregon, PF refers to Permanent Fleet, while in Illinois, it is Fleet Permanent (FP).

Accordingly, if you’re from Oregon and operate a fleet of automobiles, each one of the automobiles would receive a set of unique number plates. Every plate has the character PF at the start, then the plate digit. The highest portion of the plates features the state name highlighted.

The phrase “Permanent Fleet” is inscribed at the plate’s base. With a yellow backdrop and blue writing, these plates are of this kind.

Florida Fleet Registration Plate

The abbreviation FP doesn’t somehow apply to fleet cars in Florida. The number plates are different in color, respectively. Additionally, the term “Fleet” can be observed at the structure’s bottom, with the phrase “Florida” visible just at the top.

Additionally, every unit must have the company’s name and symbol visible. They may then be easily recognized in this way.

The Number Plate for the California Fleet

California law prohibits the use of the letters FP or PF upon fleet vehicles. The actual number plate is not engraved with the letters. The sticker that is provided in its place must have adhered to the top right corner of the plates.

The words “California Permanent Fleet” appears among the features on the label. PFR is printed lengthwise here on right – hand area of the brand and is also present there. Your registration number may be located at the bottom.

New York Fleet Registration Plate

In New York, fleet cars can be recognized in a different mechanism. The kind of automobile is explicitly stated on the number plate rather than the fact that now the car is part of a fleet.

A registration number with the term “commercial” there at the bottom, for illustration, is used for commercial vehicles. With trailer vehicles, the term “trailer” is located in the same place. Additionally, much as in other regions, the title of the country is shown in the upper-right corner of the license plate.

The Fleet Number Plate for Washington DC

The letters FP are not shown on the number plates of rental automobiles in Washington, DC. The term “Fleet” is instead printed on the plates in a distinct typeface than the text that follows it. This simplifies it to determine if the car is part of a fleet or otherwise.

Comparing License Plate Designs

FP Number Plate from Illinois and FL Registration from Oregon

Oregon uses the designation PF as permanent plates, but Illinois uses the letter FP as “fleet permanent” sheets.

A permanent license mark that is possessed or leased by a state agency or business within Oregon is designated as having the PF initials. The county title “Oregon” appears at the forefront of the nameplate, whereas “Permanent Fleet” is located near the bottom. The Oregon PF plates feature a blue backdrop with a yellow border.

Florida Fleet Number Plate in Comparison to the Illinois FP Plate

Since Florida’s number plates get a unique color, FP doesn’t apply to fleet cars there as Illinois ones did. Florida plates include the phrase “Fleet” directly below the term “Florida,” which is positioned there in front of a Florida permanent mark.

FP Plates from Illinois and CA Fleet Plates are Contrasted

The FP or PF abbreviations are not used on California fleet number plates. Although Illinois number plates feature the letters FP, California license plates contain adhesives there at the top right corner, where we can view the laterally printed words “PFR.”


Once more, what does FP mean on a license plate? The letters FP stand for Fleet Permanent on registration plates. In particular, FP emblazoned on cop cars, taxi firms, and other vehicles controlled by the government, businesses, or organizations. Illinois has FP license plates.

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