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What Is The Easiest Way To Change A Tire Without A Jack? Check Here

We usually want to get to our desired location without accidents or vehicle damage, but matters don’t always go as planned. Drivers must constantly be on the lookout for the unexpected. So how to change a tire without a jack?

Changing a tire isn’t difficult, especially if you’ve tried it before and have a jack inside the trunk. Some unlucky drivers, on the other hand, face themselves with a blown tire as well as no jack to help them! If this describes you, you’ll be relieved to learn how to change a tire without a jack. If you’re trapped with both a flat tire and no jack, the actions you’ll need to follow may differ based on where you are.

One of the primary responsibilities of car ownership is to be prepared. In this post, we’ll go over the numerous ways for lifting your automobile without a jack and a stage process instruction on how to change a tire without a jack. In the case of an emergency, your car should always be stocked with supplies. It is simple to replace a car tire without a jack if you have the correct information and a few essential pieces of equipment.

What Exactly Is A Car Jack and What Does That Do?

A car jack is used to elevate your vehicle off the ground. The jack holds the car raised, allowing you to remove one flat tire & replace the flat tire with the spare. People may find themselves ignoring safety measures because jacks have grown so dependable.

Before you begin, consider the following.

To begin considering how to change a tire without a jack, make sure you gently guide the vehicle off the road and into a secure parking spot. Ensure your hazard flashers are on such other cars will be aware when you are changing a flat tire. If you’ve had a reflector warning sign, park it many feet back from your vehicle for further protection.

Method of the Ramp

Using the ramp approach, you can lift your car wheel from the ground. It is faster and easier to use car ramps than jacking up an entire vehicle and constructing four jack supports. When you’ve finished building the ramp, place it beside a good tire on the same side as the flat.

Move up the ramp carefully, and the deflated tire will be raised off the ground. The wonderful thing about ramps is that they are simple to construct and use. You will need to place extra blocks beneath the ramp if you can’t turn a flat tire quickly.

You might attempt various techniques on how to change a tire without a jack or even a ramp safely

The Method of Digging in the Ground

Dig up the soil surrounding the tire to access the flat tire. Slowly transfer your car to a location where the flat tire may be worked on over loose soil or ground with lots of room. After that, you’ll have to put a block between the wheel and the ground.

Make Use of Slopes and Curbs

You may also use found-in-nature hills and even sidewalk cuttings to pull your flat tire off the road. To lift the flat tire off the ground, you’ll have to drive up the hill at an angle. The front wheels will be raised if you reverse into a slope at an angle, and the back wheels will be raised if you drive upwards.

Make Use of a Lever

You can use the lever approach when there are no surrounding hills or obstacles. A lug wrench will be required to remove your tire from sockets. The weight can then be lifted using a large and sturdy stone as a pivot or hinge. The next step is to make a lever out of a large piece of sturdy metal or wood.

Your selected object must be able to direct the force of the automobile. The tire will then be removed with the help of a crowbar. Lay a rock or block under the car whenever the tire is in the air to hold it off the ground.

This procedure will almost certainly need the participation of at least two persons because it takes quite a bit of power and energy. If you’re alone, you might not be able to raise your car using a lever.

What Exactly Is A Car Jack and What Does That Do?

Step-by-step Guide On How to Change A Tire Without A Jack?

  1. Using a lug wrench, unscrew the lug nuts just on a flat tire.
  2. Raise your car tire by utilizing a ramp, bar, slope, curb, or digging the soil out from beneath it.
  3. Raise the car till the tire can be readily turned, and it travels freely without anything in its path.
  4. Place blocks on the other side of the car behind the tires.
  5. Pull the flat tire’s lug nuts in completely.
  6. Take the car tire from the hole by pulling the rim off the screwed studs.
  7. Remove the car tire and swap it out with the spare.
  8. Begin manually threading each nut back onto the studs you removed.
  9. Make sure all nuts are evenly tightened.
  10. Applying WD-40 to the studs helps tighten the lug nuts.
  11. You have now replaced your tire without using a jack.


Car jacks could be used to change a car’s tires quickly. Car tires may, however, be replaced without the need for jacks. Always prioritize safety. If you ever find yourself in a position where you need to replace a car tire but don’t have access to a jack, how to change a tire without a jack will not have to be a tricky operation.

There are several options if you ever get yourself stopped on the roadside with a blown tire and no jack. You may use the lever trick to push up a vehicle without a jack. We hope you found this post helpful, and if you ever need to know how to change a tire without a jack, try to read our step-by-step instructions.


How deep should I dig for the ‘Dig the Ground Method?

From all four sides of the tire, dig just a few inches down and out. Continue lowering till the car wheel is sitting just on the block; you would then be able to change the tire easily. The hole must be large enough so you can quickly transfer the car tire and replace it with the spare.

Is driving with a blown tire possible?

It’s possible, but it’s not advised. Trying to drive on a blown tire can cause damage to your car and cause you to lose control.

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