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Castrol Edge Vs Magnatec – Which Engine Oil To Choose?

Automobiles use engine oil to grease the engine parts to reduce friction. There are mainly three engine oil types: mineral oil, semi-synthetic oil, and fully synthetic oil. In this article, you will learn about Castrol Edge vs Magnatec, which are two kinds of engine oils.

By reading the article, you will find the difference and similarities between the Castrol Edge and Magnatec. When it comes to engine oils, most people will go for a better one to have a quality vehicle performance. The British company Castrol produces various types of engine oil that you use for different kinds of vehicles. And according to the engine oil type, the vehicle’s performance may also change.

Castrol is a company that has established an important place in the market for its quality services. Many people trust Castrol products, mainly because of their features. This company provides a variety of selections for the customers they can select according to their requirements—also, the Castrol oil upgrades with time with a new feature that will satisfy specific needs.

Castrol Edge and Magnatec are engine oils that belong to the Castrol company. This article will provide your points about Castrol Edge vs Magnatec, through which you will be able to differentiate them. 

What Are The Types Of Castrol Oils Available In The Market?

If you are planning an oil change for your vehicle, you must know the type of oil that will be best for your car. Modern vehicles use fully synthetic engine oils to lubricate the parts, as this oil will work well for vehicles with high engine pressure.

Hence if you’re using a modern car, in most cases, it will be well if you use fully synthetic engine oil. You can use semi-synthetic engine oil or conventional oil for a typical vehicle.

You need to know what engine oil you must choose when you are going for an oil change. The owner’s manual will also help you to find the type of oil that will be suitable for the engine present in your car. Now let’s look at some kinds of Castrol engine oils available on the market.

  • Castrol GTX Ultraclean
  • Castrol GTX high mileage
  • Castrol GTX
  • Castrol GTX Diesel
  • Castrol Edge
  • Castrol GTX Magnatec
  • Castrol Edge Extended Performance

Castrol Edge Vs Magnatec

Various Castrol engine oils exist, but this article will specifically discuss Castrol Edge vs Magnatec. The following points are compared only between Castrol Edge and Castrol Magnatec engine oils.

Characteristics of Castrol Edge

  • Castrol Edge engine oil is thin.
  • Handling cold start is the best option if you are using Castrol Edge.
  • Lubrication is less in this type of engine oil.
  • When the temperature rises, the Castrol Edge will become thinner.
  • The technology present in Castrol Edge is Fluid Titanium.
  • Castrol Edge oils will reduce engine parts’ friction and be capable of handling high pressure.
  • The usability period or shell life of this engine oil is shorter.

Characteristics of Castrol Magnatec

  • Castrol Magnatec is thicker compared to the Castrol Edge.
  • Frequent start-stop is the best way to work with a vehicle with Castrol Magnatec engine oil.
  • This type of engine oil lubricates the parts of the engine well compared to Castrol Edge. Hence this oil will reduce the friction more.
  • Even when the temperature increases, it is possible to maintain the thickness of the engine oil without getting thinner.
  • In Castrol Magnatec engine oil, there are intelligent molecules present which will cling to the surface.
  • The wear due to prolonged use is more diminutive in engines that use this engine oil. Hence this is an excellent anti-wear product.
  • You can keep this type of oil for a more extended period. Therefore, the shelf life of this engine oil is more.

Comparison Between Castrol Edge Vs Magnatec

Let’s look in detail at Castrol Edge vs Magnatec.

  • The oil’s viscosity refers to oil flow during a specific temperature. When the temperature is low, thin oil will have low density, and the oil flow will be more, but thick oil will have a higher viscosity, which will control the oil flow. Therefore, as Castrol Edge is thinner than magnetic, it will flow quicker, and the engine will work faster than Magnatec oil.
  • Oil burns off protection is an important aspect that must be present in the engine oil. If the oils evaporate, they will harm the environment as dangerous chemicals are emitted. Also, the vehicle will require frequent oil changes if the oil burn-off is more. Therefore, you must use the best type with oil burn-off protection. The chemical present in Castrol Magnatec will fight against oil burn-off and prevent the fuel from escaping. Also, antioxidants in the Castrol Edge engine oil will prevent the oil from being burnt off.
  • The durability of the engine oil is another essential aspect you must notice when purchasing the best type of oil for your vehicle. Both Castrol Edge and Magnatec are the best engine oil that will increase the engine’s performance. But when it comes to durability, it is often said the Castrol Edge has a longer life span compared to magnetic as you will have to replace the Magnatec oil quicker. Still, the engine that uses Castrol Edge will run for some time longer.
  • Both Castrol Edge and Magnatec are high-quality engine oils that provide advanced features. But the price of Castrol Edge is a bit more than the Castrol Magnatec. If a certain amount of Magnatec oil costs around $19, the same amount of Castrol Edge will cost around $22.

Now you will know about Castrol Edge vs Magnatec. If you want to select the best oil between those two, this article will provide the necessary factors you must know. Moreover, both oils are entirely synthetic and will provide advanced performance.

But the Castrol Edge is more durable when it comes to durability, so you don’t want to change the oil more frequently. Therefore, in my opinion, Castrol Edge will be a better option if you are choosing between Castrol Edge and Magnatec.

This article on Castrol Edge vs Magnatec will provide you with the necessary facts about the engine oil. We hope you enjoyed reading the article!

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