How To Paint Brake Calipers – Complete Instructions

How To Paint Brake Calipers

To make your vehicle stand out, you may customize the brake calipers with a vibrant painting, just as on moderate supercars. How well someone maintains their automobiles reveals a lot about them as a person. How to paint brake calipers?

The good finishing touch for cars with a specific color theme or style might be colored calipers. However, coating them properly is essential since braking problems might result from incorrect paints. If you put some effort into preparing the calipers, you can guarantee that the renovation you get will last and avoid corrosion.

How To Paint Brake Calipers ?

It takes just a few minutes and costs little money to color the brake calipers, giving your automobile a sportier edge. All calipers should be taken off the automobile for easy access. You may cover up nearby surfaces using tape to prevent splatters if you’re still not ready for this task.

Brake Caliper Painting By Removing The Caliper

  • Remove the Tires.

To ensure that your automobile is safe when detaching the tires, put the brake pedal engaged. To simplify things, detach the tire and twist the lug nuts, whereas the wheels are now on the floor.

Raise the vehicle while using a jack and a small jack platform. The automobile may be raised off of the floor with the jack. Grasp the frame using jack support. The automobile should be placed on the jacked stand gradually.

The stand should now support the car without the lift. Take the wheel off by removing all lug nuts. After removing each lug nut, carefully pull your tire in your direction. Carry out the procedure once again for each wheel.

  • Take off the brake pads as well as calipers.

Disassemble the complete capability and extract the calipers. It is preferable to extract the brake pads first, followed by removing the calipers from tires, to preserve them when coloring the caliper. Keep the calipers connected to the brake system. Disconnect the caliper and brake pads.

These calipers may be seen when the tires have now been taken off. You’ll have to wash the braking calipers now that they’ve been visible. Begin cleaning the calipers with a brush dampened with brake solvent. Avoid putting the cleaners in close contact with the caliper. Using a wire brush is the most helpful strategy to remove the thick gunk. To completely clean your calipers, you must use multiple shots of braking cleaners.

To protect the region surrounding the caliper from paint, cover it with paper and then tape. Your brake line connections should also be taped after the valve has been covered. In order to safeguard the caliper piston, wrap the leather covers. The suspension parts should be covered with paper to prevent the paint from getting on the brake rotor.

  • Applying Paint to the Calipers

As a component of the safety system, calipers are exposed to extreme heat. Pick caliper-specific paint or perhaps a pigment that can withstand heat. The market offers specialized paints designed exclusively for brake calipers. Inspect the painting to make sure it is intended to be used on metal.

Coating each face from each caliper separately is indeed the best method for ensuring appropriate painting. Utilize consistent, steady sweeps to paint the caliper. Every caliper should have a misty coating of paint applied to it. By misty coating, we intend to give a skinny application of paint to those surfaces you can access without painting or trying to cover them completely.

After waiting five to ten minutes, add a second, somewhat thicker layer to cover the entire caliper completely. Applying heavy applications of spray paint is not recommended. Instead of painting continuously, spray in brief spurts. In between applications of paint, wait five minutes. To accomplish a uniform paint finish, spray many coats. 

Apply a second layer once the paint has dried for approximately 30 minutes. Observe the primer’s drying process. Put two layers of paint on the opposite face and wait additional 30 minutes for it to settle. Upon the caliper’s upper side, mist three to four coats. The inside part of a caliper doesn’t get visible and shouldn’t be painted since it can impair how well your brakes work.

Wait an hour for the color to cure completely before installing a new caliper. The painting could settle more quickly or slowly based on weather and moisture.

Repetition of the technique should be done for the remaining wheels.

  • Completing the Task

This is time to finish the work once you’ve colored and given time to settle the whole of the calipers. Before re-attaching the tires, ensure that now the painting is totally dried. Updating the calipers and perhaps the brake could be done in a reversal after you have polished all 4 of the said caliper.

After reinstalling the tires, secure the screws. After the automobile is taken off from the jacks, fasten them all the way. Last but not least, carry out the identical procedure but at the other end of an automobile. This paint needs at least one day to fully cure. Check the vehicle to make sure the brakes are operating correctly.

Can You Paint The Brake Calipers Without Removing Them ?

To paint your brake calipers without having to remove them follow these steps

  • Cleanse your area.

To get rid of any brake smoke and dust, brush cleaning on the caliper and wipe them down with a fresh, dry cloth.

  • Make the surface ready.

Starting from scratch is crucial, so be sure to clear existing corrosion or outdated painting in addition to washing the area.

  • Apply paint on the calipers.

Apply caliper paint on the whole surface, taking care to reach all challenging areas. Apply three to four applications, letting each layer dry before applying the next.

  • Include a Clean Top Coating.

The additional security and shine provided by this additional step would enhance the appearance of your caliper’s painting. After a 24-hour drying period, the calipers are ready.

Final Reflections

You have a sense of creativity to make your automobile stand out by coloring the calipers. We discussed the best practices on how to paint brake calipers so that the coat of paint lasts. The paintwork should last if you give this the right amount of care. If you’re considering how to paint brake calipers to offer the vehicle a unique look, perhaps this article has given you sufficient knowledge to make an informed choice.

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