Dashboard Air Vents Not Working? Apply These Simple Solutions

dashboard air vents not working

Most consumers are unsure of the cause of their dashboard air vents not working. Worse still, it isn’t very pleasant. This study’s emphasis on the causes of dashboard air vents not working and how to solve these issues with a few straightforward methods.

What Is The Expected Function Of Dashboard Air Vents?

The dashboard air vents are meant to achieve air quality within the automobile. Thanks to the dashboard air vents, you may enjoy a peaceful journey, including an excellent ventilation system. Most contemporary cars require a working air conditioning system to drive comfortably. 

The Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning unit, HVAC, of the car includes the vents, which permit unrestricted airflow into and out of the car. The Air conditioner regulates the vents that pump warm and cool air inside your car. This HVAC system guarantees that air may circulate freely by drawing air outside but recirculating it inside a building without opening windows.

What Makes Dashboard Air Vents Not Working?

There might be many causes for the car’s ventilation not blowing air. You must inspect the many parts of the vehicle’s air vents, which might be complex, to identify the root of the dashboard air vents not working correctly. 

Either relay or fuse is bad

Like all the other parts of the car, your ventilator is overcurrent protected by a fuse. There won’t be any airflow when there is no power to move the blowing engine. This implies that air may not be blowing via the ventilation on the dashboards. The dashboard vents may not be functional; therefore, you should inspect this potential problem location.

Low refrigerant level

You should notice a considerable decrease in the cooling impact of the air blasted into the car whenever the refrigerant content in it is reduced. This is a typical reason why the dashboard air vents are not working.

Air intake blockage

The ventilator in your automobile is essential for both security and convenience.

Air enters your car through two openings. The windshield outlets are one. This aids in directing cool outdoor air inside your car on warm days. The internal fan would be the next. When there is a lot of traffic or chilly outside, this helps the inside cabin stay warm.

The ventilator of the automobile won’t be capable of blowing air within if most of these two places are obstructed by trash or, indeed, any object.

Resistor or blower motor malfunction

This blower resistor used in blower rotors aids in controlling the airflow blown towards the automobile. Whether this component is defective, it may impair your ability to quickly wind down or warm up with the flip of an ignition system.

Whenever you switch on air vents within the car, no cold or heated air will be blasted since the blower is not working. Your car heaters might not have been circulating air and may be affecting the circulation of cold air within the car if a compressor resistor inside the air vents is damaged.

Soiled cabin filter

Its airflow for most automobiles has a cabin filter that purifies before entering the venting. You’ll observe that airflow through vents is slower or occasionally stops if it becomes obstructed or clogged. It could occur due to erratic auto repairs.

Damaged belting or connections

The car’s ventilator is linked to several fluid-transporting hoses. Your ventilation system does not work correctly if such hoses are damaged.

Compressors or condensation failure

The vents may not be able to circulate cold air if your condenser fails.

How To Repair Dashboard Air Vents Not Working?

You must be aware that jammed or obstructed vents prevent you from using your car’s heating or air conditioning. As collected dust or particles within that vent could also impair how the air flows inside the car, be prepared to wipe them out. 

Relay as well as a fuse

We have to repair the ventilation circuit if it has blown off. If we discover a relay issue, you must replace the relay to address the issue. This blower motor will function correctly once again after being replaced.

Blown Motor

A button within the car or, more often than not, a computer controls the blower. There won’t be any airflow via the car’s vents whether this motor breaks out. Allow the amp engine to operate at maximum speed to determine whether your car’s motor is malfunctioning. The amp reading will range from 8 to 15 amps since there is no engine issue. If required, it ought to be changed.


It is appropriate for one refill if users believe the automobile has a reduced refrigerant supply based on the abovementioned indications. If you add coolant, your air conditioner will function as it did before all issues started.

Cabin filtration

Well before airflow exits the car’s ventilation, a cabin filter aids in cleaning it. The airflow leaving the ventilation would be slowed down or possibly stopped if such a filter got stuck or jammed due to inconsistent auto repairs.

Ventilation mechanism

The airflow across the ventilation will cease if the vehicle’s ventilator becomes clogged or obstructed with debris and perhaps other materials. Find both the car’s intake manifold and solve the issue there. After that, remove excess obstructions to these openings.

Damaged hoses

If you believe the pipe to be the problem’s origin, you should first locate it. The next step is to plug the leakage when you’ve located it.

Why won’t the windshield ventilation function?

Verify whether the blower is audible. Inspect the clean incoming air if such blower is audible and yet no air is coming from the vent. Cleanse it if it’s clogged. If not, the mix door could be jammed, or the ventilation might be partially clogged.

Last Words

With all of this knowledge, you are already aware of how to clear automotive air vent clogs and take care of other air conditioning vent problems. Everything you should do is adhere to the proper procedure. You’ve learned basic auto-repair abilities by being aware of this. The topic of ‘Dashboard Air Vents Not Working’ is now complete.

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