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How Long Do CV Axles Last? Signs Of A Bad CV Axle

CV axle can be identified as the essential component in the vehicle. It holds the power of the transmission system and the differential; that’s why the car moves. How long do CV axles last? This is the fascinating topic we are going to discuss today. Stay from the beginning to the end of the article to get proper knowledge about CV axles and their lifespan.

How Long Do CV Axles Last?

CV stands for constant velocity. With only the meaning, we can understand the task of the CV axle. This is a mechanical joint that helps the drive shaft to transfer power while maintaining a variable angle. In simple words, It takes power from the transmission and differential and then transmits them to the wheels, which helps to move the vehicle.

Generally, CV axles are manufactured to stay as land as they should. But everything has an end. A typical CV axle will last for 70000 – 140000 miles without any faults. But these conditions depend on the driving pattern. If you are a responsible driver who cares about the car so much, the axle will last long for the above-mentioned miles. But otherwise, we can’t accurately say the miles.

Both CV axles are not worn at the same time. Because there are different conditions on the road on which wheels hold, both CV joints will wear differently. The average lifespan of a CV axle is about 6- 12 months. Daily checking of the CV joints is compulsory. Try to inspect with an automotive professional to prevent CV joint issues.

How Long Will a Worn CV Joint Last?

 The quality of the CV axle in different vehicles can vary; there are no proper answers to that question. Most often, we have little control over the conditions that may impact the components of our vehicles, particularly the CV axle. At first, this is not a good idea. A bad CV axle may be affected by the functionality of the transmission and differential.

But how long will a lousy CV axle last? Usually, a good CV axle will last around 6-12 months. You might believe that delaying the inspection of the vehicle will allow you to save more money. However, I’d advise you to get your car serviced as quickly as possible.

Although your CV axle may still function for a few months, you should be aware that it may interfere with other components of your car. Worn CV axles can increase the possibility of entering dust into the system. Especially on a rainy day, the water will enter the inside, and corrosion may appear. Driving with a bad CV is not recommended by any professionals. Replace the CV ASAP.

What Can Damage the CV Axle?

Usually, CV axles will not be damaged by road conditions because they can absorb road obstacles on certain levels. But then, what can damage the CV axles? One of the common reasons for damage to the CV axle is axle alignment. If the mounts are misaligned, the functionality of the mechanical joints will malfunction.

Not having the correct measurements to rotate the wheels will also lead to a worn-out tire. Doing wheel alignment will resolve this issue. Automotive engineers say that wheel alignments should be done every 5000 miles. Proper wheel alignments at the correct period will protect the CV axle.

Another reason for damaging the axle is choosing the incorrect axle. Some of the old vehicles do not have their spare parts available in the market. As a result of that, they tend to replace the CV axles, which are comparatively similar. This condition is terrible for the axles.

Incorrect axles will not function properly. We do not recommend the wrong selection of CV axles. Try to find the correct axles when replacing them. Putting too much grease will also damage the CV axle. CV axles main usually get hot due to internal friction.

The heat will cause the grease to expand. Then the CV joints will have extra pressure due to the grease in the axle. Always put the correct amount of grease in the CV axle to prevent them from damaging.

Signs of a Bad CV Axle

There are several ways to know about a bad cv axle. Professionals can identify these problems quickly. But regular citizen doesn’t know about these factors. That’s why reading our article is that much important.

Vibration while driving is the most common way to identify bad axles. This is a tricky situation because vibration is common when driving. But as a driver, we must notice some differences in the vibration pattern. Trying the vehicle on a smooth road will be the perfect way to test this situation.

There can be grease on the inside of the tires. Grease is essential when we talk about the CV axle. The joints have grease to increase their spin rate. But the grease will not

come out no matter how much you speed up the vehicle. But somehow, you saw grease on the tires that could be an error in the CV joints.

A knocking sound can be heard on the front of the vehicle if the CV axles are worn out. Especially when you go backward and turn the car, this knocking sound can be heard. So keep your ears on the vehicle sounds every time to avoid any damage.


CV axles were the most important thing when considering the vehicle’s moving. The CV axle holds the transmission power and the differential power. Due to the pressure generated in the CV, the car will move forward or backward. Usually, a CV axle will last for about 6-12 months, Depending on the driving methods.

The worn-out CV will not happen at the same time. They will wear separately. Keep an eye on the axle at every time. And there are some methods included in the article to identify bad CV axles. Read the full article and get immense knowledge about CV axles.

Let’s meet with another topic next time. Goodbye.

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