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How Much Does It Cost To Turbo A Car?

Looking for an upgrade in the horsepower of your engine? As per your ground research, you know that turbo installation will give you more acceleration. But how much does it cost to turbo a car, is the following quiz for every car owner who looks for a better engine functioning.

What Is A Turbocharger?

Turbo is a forced induction device that is installed in the exhaust manifold to compress air into the engine, and thus it makes the engine produce more power. In the end, you will get an increment in your fuel economy without spending extra drops of fuel.

Any small car with a naturally aspirated engine (NASP) could be added with a turbo. The result is a small engine that gives the same power as larger naturally aspirated engines with less emission of Carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

Things to Consider Before Going To A Turbocharger Installation

Before going to the project, you must have a clear understanding of the things you are going to do along with the placement of the new turbo engine, as there are options in some places to choose from. Let’s now discuss the things that need to decide prior before starting.

When Do You Want The Power Booster?

Smaller turbo engines spool faster. The Turbo spool is the time that a turbo takes to gain full pressure. If you tend to an instant power-up, your choice is a small turbo, but you need to be aware that the heat is high in small turbos. If you need more power up and have the patience to wait for a while, a larger turbo engine will do.

Amount of extra power you need

A turbo can be chosen according to the desired amount of power growth.

Your budget

Turbo engines are of different prices. If you choose to move on with a small one with an internal wastegate, the prices will present over $260. If your will is a larger turbo that presents an external wastegate, it will cost you over $350.

The price of a kit with quality parts will be higher. It is more fruitful if you could purchase from a reputed brand.

Do you have a sufficient budget for other modifications?

Bolt-on turbo kits do not want any other modifications. But then, as the installation process is much more complex, it must be done by a professional. If you can afford other modifications, too, you have a wide variety to choose from.

How Much Does It Cost To Turbo A Car?

The expenditure is based on the hardware parts, software, labor cost and the additional modifications required. 

Let’s look into a few hardware to make it easy for you to calculate a rough sum.

Exhaust route

If you are newly introducing a turbo, the exhaust route of a car that has a NA engine does not match anymore. A new one will cost you nearly $400.

Cast gallery

In the installation, you will need to move to a new cast gallery which may cost $ 250-$350.

Intercooler and intercooler route

Intercoolers start with a price of $80 and have a range of nearly about $300. The intercooler route will probably be $360.

Intake route

You can purchase a cheaper intake route for about $ 120. Quality and branded ones will be about $400.

Injectors and Injector ramps

Injector prices change according to engine fuel type. It may start from $150 and expands up to a thousand dollars. If your injectors are not from the expensive range, newly bought ramps are not needed. Gasoline ramps may cost about $200.

Pressure regulator

You can buy from a price range starting from $10 to $ 200.

Fuel pump

The maximum will be nearly $230, while you also can buy a fuel pump for $ 80.

Sometimes there are used parts from these types for sale. It will reduce the total expenses if you find such. We have mentioned a few here, but it will cost for replacements like supply route, spark plugs, coils, oil filter, engine oil etc.


Software needed to change and installed new as the turbo makes changes in airflow and pressure. This makes the fuel insert vary from the previous values. If you do not do this step, it could end in severe damage than it costs for the tune-up. You need to get the assistance of a technician and expect about $1000 maximum and $ 500 minimum.

A labor cost 

of approximately $500 could be expected for primary installation. But they will charge for additional modifications separately.

Apart from these, ECU (Electronic Control Unit) will be needed for better engine care and to add security to the engine by the new extra force focused on the engine. A newly bought ECU will cost you a price between $400- $1400. You might also be charged $100 or $200 as the labor cost.

How much it cost to turbo a car depends on the type, brand and compulsory modifications you choose. With the cheapest parts, it will have a minimum rate of $1000, and the highest would be nearly $25 000.

Final thought

A turbo-engine will surely increase the speed of a car by getting the purpose of emitted gases. This is both economical and environment friendly. On the contrary, the process is high-priced. If you cannot figure out the right renovation plan with a turbo, go for an expert’s advice.

Turbo lag, which means the time taken by the turbo engine to achieve its full run, is a typical downside in particularly large turbo engines. If you take the initiative for regular maintenance and check-ups, your car will be free of issues. If you do not pay attention, with time, damages may occur to your car engine, as per the additional pressure given by the turbo system.

Irrespective of the price, the installation must be done by a professional as this is not a simple procedure, as in flushing a car, fixing a dim light and rapid flashing signal lights etc.

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