What to Wear When ATV Riding? [Recommended Gear & Clothing]

What to Wear When ATV Riding?

ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) riding is one of the best recreational activities, enjoyed by most adults or teens because almost everyone can handle the vehicle without driving experience. It is a top choice for most teens and young adults as it gives the best experience of driving on beautiful trails; hence if you are planning to try ATV riding for the first time but not quite sure what to wear, you might want to know what to wear when ATV riding. The question is normal to ask out of excitement for first-timers, and you need to care less because the answers are ahead of you in this article.

The motorized off-highway vehicle is built with an automatic transmission which can be handled easily by most without any driving experience. The ATV vehicle can be driven on any terrain, as it stands in the name ATV itself, and is designed in a straddling seating position to easily maneuver the handlebar star steering. The four low-pressure,non-pneumatic tires, in the ATV vehicle also help to drive any terrain safely. Since ATV riding is a great choice for individuals who love to partake in adventurous activities because you can drive a vehicle on beautiful terrains and trails, you might wonder what to wear when ATV is riding if it’s your first time.

What to Wear When ATV Riding?

You must be pretty when it’s your first time ATV riding, and you will have many questions piling in your head, and you need to prepare for the adventurous day physically. Start everything neat and clean from scratch, and one of the questions you might ask out of curiosity is what to wear when ATV riding. Don’t worry, because we have prepared a complete list of what should be the suitable outfits and what is recommended.

  1. Shoes

Footwear is an essential piece of clothing when choosing what to wear when ATV riding. Because while driving, you will always have to keep your feet on the set to accelerate or hit the brakes. If you wear flip-flops or open footwear with less protection, it will cause a lot of trouble for you. Because flip-flops can easily slide off your feet when taking sharp turning and driving through challenging trails. It is recommended to wear shoes close to your toe so it keeps the feet solid and steady when driving.

  1. Gloves

When driving an ATV, you will have to keep your hands on the bar steering for hours, and simultaneously your hands tend to become sweaty. Gloves are essential to keep the grip on the bar steering and prevent your hands from slipping. When ATV driving, you will have to constantly keep in touch with the levers and the bar steering, which could cause blisters in your hand; thus, wearing gloves helps you prevent these skin issues.

  1. Long Sleeves

You will surely get dirty while driving because all the dust and smoke will stick to your skin. Hence, wearing long sleeve shirts or t-shirts will not only help you with the situation but also helps to minimize the effect when exposed to the sun.

  1. Well-fitted Long Pants

It is only recommended to wear well-fitted pants when ATV riding because it has a straddling seating position different from other vehicles, and it is important to wear something convenient. Long pants are essential, as you will be driving through challenging terrains, and exposing your legs isn’t recommended at all.

  1. Riding Jacket

A riding jacket is safety clothing on a hot summer or rainy day. The jacket will be highly comfortable and provide extra safety when you fall off while driving, reducing the damage caused during an accident.

  1. Face Helmet

There are chances to face accidents when ATV driving; thus, safety helmets are one of the most crucial safety components. It helps to protect you from the injuries caused to the face and minimizes the severity of damages when you hit your head during an accident.

  1. Sunscreen

Because ATV riding is an outdoor activity, you will be spending hours under the sun. Thus, it is essential to protect your skin by applying sunscreen with at least SPF 30.

What to Avoid Wearing When ATV Riding?

As much as it is essential to know what to wear, you should also know what to avoid wearing when ATV riding, so it will increase the driving experience. Because we only recommend comfortable clothes, it is safer and will minimize the risk of accidents cause.

We do not recommend wearing anything that doesn’t fit you properly; avoid wearing clothes that are too tight or baggy because it will not help you to control the bar steering quickly. Belts should not be worn when ATV riding because they make you uncomfortable driving with them for hours.

What are the Pros and Cons of Wearing Casual Clothes When ATV Riding?

If you had made a sudden plan to go ATV riding and were not at all prepared, you would wonder if it is alright to drive in casual clothes. Since you are unsure if it’s right, we will discuss the pros and cons of wearing casual clothes when ATV riding.

Casual clothes are very comfortable, and you don’t need anything new to buy and prepare for the ride. Because the clothes are very comfortable, you can keep on track and focus on the ride. But if your causal clothes are new, and the fabric is soft, they could quickly get damaged and soil with dirt stains. If you wear jeans too tight and the clothes do not help with ventilation, it will be uncomfortable for you to continue the adventure.


According to the article, what to wear when ATV riding, we have discussed the complete outfit and what is recommended. We have also included topic like what to avoid wearing when ATV riding, what to keep yourself comfortable and safe during the activity and what happens when you wear casual clothes to ATV riding by discussing the pros and cons of wearing casual clothes.

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