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Why does My Trunk Keep Popping Open? Unwanted Surprises!

There are numerous potential causes for the trunk’s recurrent opening. The weak trunk latch is the most frequent cause. To adopt the proper solutions and improve longevity, car drivers should pay attention to trunk release signs and indications of the trunk not opening. Please remember that even a small user error can have major long-term effects on both the user and their car. “Why does my trunk keep popping open?” question will be addressed in all the facts considered in this article.

What Causes a Trunk to Pop Open?

Problems in Trunk Latch

  • The trunk latch system is an open device that is mechanically joined to the car’s frame and the trunk lid.
  • The entire trunk can be safely sealed when the lid is correctly closed by allowing the latch parts to come together.
  • Bad trunk switches also develop over time due to continuous and demanding use, jeopardizing the trunk release feature.
  • If the car’s engine system absorbs impacts close to the trunk, the problem quickly worsens. The car’s drivers cannot fully open the trunk if the latch receives signals that aren’t working.

Problem with the Engine Lock Actuator

  • The engine lock actuator controls the lock fixed to the car trunk. Each motor that makes up this component closes and opens the operated boot.
  • The engines cannot be sent if the trunk’s functionality is locked. As a result, the trunk mechanism will be stopped if a trunk actuator defaults.

Can I Manually Close my Trunk?

Yes, you can manually close your trunk. Various processes are used, depending on the type of car. Check the trunk first to determine if there is a manual release lever.

If you see any, pull it to open the latch and close the trunk. If none are available, try using the driver’s door button or the key fob to close the trunk. However, if none of these methods are successful, try depressing the trunk lid while pressing the button to close it.

How do I Know If my Trunk Latch is Bad?

Trunk Cable Damage

The majority of the time, the opening is facilitated in cars by a lever positioned inside the cabin. Car drivers generally raise a lever that is next to the driver’s seat as they start to release the latch to fix it. Because a cable is required to support this case if the cable is damaged while in use, the trunk cannot be opened properly.

Locking Mechanism Error

  • The trunk can be opened in cars and other vehicles by simply pushing the lever or pressing the lock button.
  • Usually, when the buttons don’t work, or the doors won’t lock, it’s because the battery has died or there’s a problem with the trunk release button.
  • Before looking for the best solutions to this problem, automobile drivers should try pressing the dash button again to see if it is still functional.
  • This can improve the functionality of the trunk latch and locking system.

By doing this, the trunk latch and locking mechanism’s functionality can be better protected.

How to Fix the Trunk Release Mechanism?

Proper Latch Striker Positioning

  • The faulty installation of the trunk striker in the car trunk is cited as one of the primary causes of the trunk opening on its own.
  • The ratio of the latch to the trunk striker is perfect in constructing the trunk. As the striker is mounted on the car chassis, the truck latch is put in the lid.
  • However, the trunk striker risks losing its initial balance if the latch changes in any way while in use (for example, by altering height).
  • People must be prepared with a torque wrench to remove the striker’s bolts and progressively increase their height.

To Unlock the Latch, Lock It in Place

  • If someone cannot adjust the striker height, they should opt for a technique of fastening or withdrawing the latch from the locked position.
  • This problem is frequently attributed to corrosion from the outside environment, even when the trunk is left open.
  • Cars owners can start to remedy this issue by setting up a screwdriver and unlocking the wide-open trunk lock with the latch.
  • The best method to stop the trunk latch from returning to the locked position must be considered after properly lubricating the latch component. To check if the lock is working properly after that, repeatedly pull the vehicle’s latch lever. Then, while driving, continuously pull the latch’s lever to see if the lock is functioning properly.
  • After this problem has been fixed, owners should remove the outdated latch cable and replace it with a fresh one if any issues continue.

You need to be aware of various approaches for replacing the latch cable. So, you should either research more about this subject matter or hire an experienced engineer.

Is it Expensive to Replace Trunk Latch
Is it Expensive to Replace Trunk Latch?

Depending on the amount of damage and if you need replacement parts or a car repair shop, the cost to replace a trunk latch will vary. If there are any evident symptoms of corrosion, we advise utilizing only brand-new metal components for your repair to avoid further problems. This cost between $200 and $400. However, the average cost to replace a trunk lock actuator in most cars is between $263 and $278. This includes supplies costing approximately $210 and labor costs between $53 and $66.

Prices of Replacement Trunk Latches for Various Automobiles

Cars Estimate Parts Cost Labor Cost Savings Average Dealer Price
2016 Nissan NV3500 $265 $170.48 $94.99 4% $277.98
2006 Kia Rio $343 $248.40 $94.99 3% $355.90
2012 Ford Taurus $351 $255.67 $94.99 3% $363.17
2016 Land Rover Range Rover $275 $180.15 $94.99 4% $287.65
2007 Mercedes-Benz CL600 $678 $506.85 $170.98 3% $700.35

How Long does it Take to Fix a Trunk Latch?

The time it takes to fix the trunk latch might depend on several things. The issue with the latch, the availability of spare parts, and the technician’s level of expertise. Repairing a trunk latch often takes a few minutes and hours.

How Do you Lubricate a Car Trunk Latch?

The gears and hinges of the latch need to be lubricated. Turning the key while the car trunk latch is opened and closed can help the oil to penetrate the parts. To maintain the hinges and other moving parts well-lubricated, follow that by applying lithium grease to them.

What is the Best Lubricant for Trunk Latch?

White grease made of lithium. White lithium grease is a thick substance that works great for metal components.

Its water-repellent characteristics provide heavy-duty lubrication and rust protection. This lubricant is quite beneficial for the door, hood, and trunk hinges.


WD-40 is a light-duty lubricant and water-displacing spray produced in the US. It does an excellent job of removing rust and may be able to unstick rust-coated moving metal parts. Regarding car doors, gas tank covers, and glove box hinges, WD-40 is a miracle worker. Additionally, rusty hinges can be treated with WD-40.

Silicone Spray

Compared to the first two, silicone spray lubricant has a softer composition. As a result, it can be used to lubricate non-metallic materials like rubber, plastic, nylon, and wood. You can use the materials above on the door latches if they enclose the hinge.

Graphite Liquid

As the name implies, graphite lubricants allow objects to slide over one another using very thin graphite layers. Because it doesn’t attract a lot of dirt and dust, this lubricant is ideal for locking mechanisms like door and trunk locks.

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