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Motor Oil Brands to Avoid – Make Informed Decisions!!!

Motor oil is very vital for the well-being of your engine. Therefore using a better motor oil brand for your machine is the best decision you could ever take on behalf of your dear vehicle. Using lousy quality motor oil could make havoc out of your engine while making the mechanic richer by the day. Thus you must comprehend the best oil brand for your vehicle. Therefore we will be helping you with choosing the right product while ignoring the brands that should be avoided. Thus we will now take a look at what motor oil brands to avoid.

Are there Motor Oil Brands that Should Be Avoided?

There are many oil brands that you should avoid. Some of these will appear in the market at lower prices, yet you should avoid those at all costs. They are,

  • Liberty motor oil
  • Xpress lube pro motor oil
  • Questron motor oil
  • Bullseye motor oil
  • Q10-40 motor oil
  • Petrol motor oil

Why does the Motor Oil Brand Matter?

Running around looking for a specific motor oil brand could be a cheesy act for some, but finding and using the best motor oil will be one of the most critical choices you have to make.

Some of the cheaper oil brands will get you in trouble in the long run, making your engine fall apart into infinite debris. Moreover, motor oil brands add a bunch of additives to their oil.

However, some branded additive oils might make your vehicle die from a sudden heart attack. Therefore, choosing the correct oil brand is crucial to avoid the above motor oil brands.

What to Look for in Lousy Motor Oil?

To the public eye, it is a struggle to identify the differences between a lousy oil brand to a good oil brand. However, you will not need to be a motor oil specialist to determine what is best for your vehicle. Thus you could always refer us when you are struggling. Here you will find the main characteristics you should look for when you avoid lousy motor oil.

  • Viscosity Index – viscosity of motor oil is its thickness. Typically the oil gets thicker in colder temperatures and thinner in warmer temperatures.
  • Oil Type– there are many primary-level oils, each for different kinds of engines. (conventional oil, synthetic crude, mineral-based oil, high mileage oil)
  • API Symbols – American Petroleum Institute, which checks the quality of oils in different criteria.
  • Additives – the oil brand adds additives to help prevent build-up. Higher-quality additives produce higher-quality oils.

What are the Engine Oil Brands to Avoid?

Many engine oil brands in the market could be better for your vehicle. Thus, it would help if you avoided the following oil brands at all costs to prevent a broken car and a massive mechanic bill.

The engine oil brands that you should avoid always are,

  1. Xpress Lube Pro

  • It does not hold even the most minor requirements that modern engines require.
  • Is not approved by API or ILSAC
  • Low-quality additives are added
  1. Questron Motor Oil

  • Extremely volatile
  • Does it have a viscosity grading
  • It will not lubricate your machine and will cause clicking noise.
  1. Liberty Motor Oil

  • Poor viscosity rate
  • Does not have a sufficient amount of additives to lubricate your engine
  • It needs to have a proper SAE grading.
  1. Q10-40 Motor Oil
  2. Petrola Motor Oil
  3. Quaker State Q Motor Oil
  4. Bullseye Motor Oil
  5. Mileage 365 Motor oil
  6. Mag 5-star Motor Oil
  7. Everclear Motor Oil

What Happens If you Use Lousy Motor Oil?

Many mishaps could happen if you use lousy motor oil for your vehicle. Engines oils come to the market in grades, 5W-30,15W-40, and 10W-30.

Each of these types is made for various engines. Some viscosities are for cold weather, and some for hot weather.

The motor oil will create a safety guard around the vehicle if You use the manual’s recommended oil for your car.

You must always follow the manufacturer’s manual to avoid some severe damages like following that can be caused by motor oil.

  • Engine oil leaks
  • Engine overheating
  • Reduction in fuel economy
  • Damages to the lifetime of the engine.

How to Identify a Bad Motor Oil Brand

How to Identify a Bad Motor Oil Brand?

There are many ways to identy the wrong motor oil brand. However, we will present all these identification methods that should be executed properly to enjoy the best oil.

The criterias for identifying bad oil are,

  • Engine and bench testsEngine oil properties
  • Viscosity
  • Wear prevention
  • Gelation index
  • Energy absorption
  • Oil volatility

By following and investigating the above properties of motor oil, you will recognize the good ones out of lousy motor oils.

What Engine Oil Brand is Best?

While many lousy motor oil brands are in the market, there are good ones too. As we prepare to avoid those bad ones, we must also be ready to use the best one in the market to see good motor oil results in the long run through the vehicle engine’s longevity. We have presented you with some best motor oil brands in 2023.

  • AmazonBasics full synthetic high Mileage oil Castrol GTX
  • Shell rotella T6 diesel Engine Oil
  • Quaker state synthetic blend
  • Mobil 1 Extended performance fully synthetic motor oil

These are the best motor oil brand to take care of your engine.

What are the Benefits of Using High-quality Motor Oil Brands for your Vehicle?

Many benefits arrive with your conscious decision to use a quality branded oil for your engine. These benefits always will remind you of your intelligence as you face no trouble with engine problems in the long run with your vehicle. The main advantages of motor oil are,

  • Ensuring a more extended engine lifespanEnsure proper functioning of the engine
  • Reduction of fuel consumption 
  • Reduction so CO2 emissions

Then comes some of the average assets of using the better motor oil brand in your vehicle, reminding you to keep using the recommended motor oil.

  • Lubrication
  • Cooling
  • Cleaning
  • Protect against corrosion
  • Sealing

. You might be using synthetic, semi-synthetic or mineral oil. No matter what, you should choose the best brand to enjoy the above assets of motor oil.


Is Synthetic Oil Better Than Conventional?

The most straightforward answer to this question is YES. Synthetic oils are known to be a much better option than conventional oil.

Nonetheless, conventional oil(mineral oil) provides adequate lubrication for the engine’s performance.

Yet conventional oil could never reach the compatibility of synthetic oil and the protection it gives to your vehicle and its engine.                  

What Happens If You Use The Wrong Motor Oil In Your Engine?

Wrong motor oil in your engine!!! Could this be an emergency hazard? Even if you have used lousy motor oil, something may happen.

This happens due to lesser variations in weather and climate. However, sometimes the wrong engine oil could cause severe engine damage. 

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