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Here Is Why Your Steering Wheel Feel Loose And What To Do

Every time you set into the driver’s seat, you rely on your vehicle’s steering system to navigate turns and keep a soundtrack. This vital technology enables you to steer the car down the road to the desired location. If your steering seems sloppy, it’s time to investigate more. So you might be thinking, why does my steering wheel feel loose? If this happens to your automobile, the structural system or tyres will probably be destroyed. This article will explain why your steering wheel is loose and how to fix it.

What Is A Loose Steering Wheel?

Any steering system’s worst enemy is loose steering motion, sometimes known as “free play.” It’s possible that you won’t be able to manage the car if the steering wheel has too much free motion. To maintain the vehicle’s straight course, the steering may seem slack and require regular adjustment.

A banging noise may be heard when hitting bumps because of a loose steering component. You may notice a tremor in the steering wheel when driving at high speeds.

Furthermore, your automobile may swing from side to side when driving. Any of these symptoms, or a combination, is cause for concern. Ignoring the warning indications can result in increased tyre wear, difficulties steering, and, in the worst-case scenario, a component separation, which might lead to an accident.

Why Does My Steering Wheel Feel Loose? 

Experiencing steering wheel breakdown firsthand may be terrifying. Thankfully, there are warning signs that your steering system is deteriorating before it fails. Here are some of the signs that might indicate that the steering system is loose that make you wonder Why Does My Steering Wheel Feel Loose

  • Too Old

When we run into anything complicated, a car tyre used for a long time will be damaged and distorted, causing the steering wheel to shake with each round. There will be a vibration every time the automobile turns around. A new tyre addresses the problem in this case.

  • Substandard Tire Pressure

When tyres are inflated excessively forcefully, resulting in high tyre pressure, the wheel’s flexibility is reduced, or the tyre pressure is uneven. It creates a loose steering wheel when going on the road, particularly on rough roads. As a result, you may use the conventional tyre pressure table to fill the tyres.

  • Unbalanced Wheel

Another cause of the sloppy steering wheel is an unbalanced set of wheels. We can produce extra factors that cause your steering wheel to shake when the added weight on the tyre circumference is unequal.

The steering wheel vibrates more, especially while travelling at high speeds. To overcome, the wheel must be balanced, and a few small seals with varying weights must be attached to the automobile.

  • Uneven Tire Wear

Vehicles with loose steering wheels are standard due to uneven tyre wear. To remedy it, you’ll need to replace or rotate the tyres.

  • Wheel Lug Nuts Are Loose

The screws that keep the wheel in place might loosen after the automobile has been used for a long time, enabling the wheel to spin indefinitely. You must immediately stop the auto, inspect the car bolts, and tighten any loose screws.

  • Brake problems

The steering wheel may be loose when you hit the brakes because the brake disc isn’t flat. When the brake disc is bent, has a loose connection, is worn, or is wavy, it creates uneven friction and causes the steering wheel to lose.

The vibrations will be stronger if you exceed the speed limit, and there’ll be a smoky smell when you stop the car. Flattening the brake disc is one approach to fixing a loose steering wheel.

  • Suspension System Problem

The driver should inspect the suspension whenever the steering wheel becomes loose. The lack of balance between the wheels and the counterweights might also be due to a light break. What’s more concerning is that neglecting these difficulties will damage the struts, dampers, grooves, and other suspension and steering components.

Examine the suspension for accuracy whenever the steering wheel feels loose at high speeds or when keeping a set speed. Inspect the suspension thoroughly since looseness is typically caused by corroded parts, old shocks, slack connections, or a steering shaft imbalance.

How To Know If You Have A Loose Steering Wheel?

When the car’s steering system is functioning correctly, the steering wheel should show the driver exactly how much the vehicle is turning when adjusting the wheel. A modest left turn should result in a tiny shift to the left of an entire automobile. Still, a quick right turn should carry the car around a tight corner on a stretchy road cleanly and predictably.

As a result, sloppy steering is the polar opposite of this circumstance. When driving in a straight line, keeping the automobile in a straight line can be challenging, and the driver may have to correct the steering to maintain the straight course.

On a curve, loose steering would have the driver move the wheel to where they’d expect to get enough steer. It is only to realise that it was either more than it should or not enough, forcing them to correct in the middle of the bend, which is dangerous.

How to Fix A Loose Steering Wheel?

To figure out where the problem is and how to remedy it, your technician will do the following:

  • While the automobile is motionless, spin the steering wheel and have a coworker inspect how the wheels rotate. The wheels should start turning at roughly a 7cm rotation at the wheel rim. 
  • They’ll put the automobile on a hoist and elevate it so they can examine the steering unit and each steering connection below it.
  • They’ll look for signs of wear and tear and any leaks that would show up as reduced fuel levels in the steering box.

Final Thoughts

Following the manufacturer’s maintenance plan is one approach to avoid the issue of a loose steering wheel. Car owners, in particular, should not wait if their vehicle faces any of the scenarios mentioned above.

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